Working With Your Camera

When you get a new camera it takes a little while to get to know all the buttons & what they all do. You can just point & shoot straight away if you like which is what I used to do. I became more knowledgeable about my camera as time went on. I am now using my new DSLR camera which I purchased at the end of last year for taking photos. I can tell the difference in quality between my new & old cameras. My new one has more megapixels than my previous camera & technology has moved on in the last 10 years since my first one was originally produced. Over the past year I have gotten to work with several bands or musicians more than once so that has made me more confident & built up a reputation for me & my photography.

Last week I took photos of the moon. I used my long lens one night & got the most clearest shot of the moon I had ever achieved. I then did another moon shot the next day but it was a clear sunny afternoon with no clouds in the sky.

My next big event of 2019 will be Glastonbury Calling which is now a 2 day event on 22nd & 23rd February. Until next time you can see my photos on my Facebook & Instagram pages, type in Stuart Williamson Photography or follow me on Twitter s_w_photograph

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