Why KSI Is An Important Figure In Our Generation



KSI is not only one of the biggest youtubers and social media stars of all time but he is also a very important figure in the modern world. Here’s why.


First of all I think it’s important to give a quick rundown on who KSI is. Olajide William Olatunji or KSI is in this moment in time a Youtuber, Actor, Musician, Boxer, Writer and Comedian as well as being a successful businessman but he originated as solely a youtuber who got popular playing Fifa and doing pranks with his unique and funny character that stood out enough to gain a huge following over the years which led to him being one of the biggest social media stars in the world, going onto to release hugely successful music, books, films and recently selling out manchester arena for the biggest white collar boxing event in history.



The most interesting thing for me to see as a long time fan of KSI is seeing him evolve constantly and have a consistent attitude to doing new things and proving the world he is capable. He once referred to himself as talentless and has said he is an example of pure hard work. I think most of us as consumers of his work have overlooked some of his groundbreaking achievements as a youtuber and entertainer in general, he is proving to the world and his followers the potential of any human being in this day and age. It’s obvious he loves to prove doubters wrong as you can see from his victory speech after his boxing TKO against Joe Weller where he details the things he’s done that people said he couldn’t. A person as young as him making music which has been rated highly by some widely respected musicians (JME, Big Zuu, P Money, AJ Tracey), Getting into a phenomenal shape and gaining some impressive boxing skills in a matter of months, Getting huge sells on books and films, Gaining 19 Million Subscribers on Youtube and having a big hand in the media company Upload Events is just some of his achievements and isn’t something to go unnoticed, as much as mainstream media would hate to admit it, KSI is a prime example as to why Youtube and social media is dominating the entertainment business, especially for the younger generation, He is also proving how far you can really go with it. Even from his week in a life video from 3 years ago you can see his work rate.


KSI is an important figure to this generation because he is showcasing what is really possible in the time we live in, the lengths you can really take things with hard work and dedication and believing in the things you love to do. He is leading a huge line of kids following in his footsteps and it’s a great thing, having kids wanting to be involved in sports and fitness, music, acting and general entertainment is amazing. Yeah you can argue it’s bringing an over saturated crowd of people doing the same thing but for every 10 of them there is 1 kid who takes that inspiration and does something special. For the graft, commitment and ability to use the world to his advantage‚Ķ KSI is an important figure of this generation.

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