What I Have Been Up To!

This is my first blog post in 6 months. I have been exceptionally busy with gigs, events, trips out improving my photography & even investing in some awesome camera gear.

Glastonbury Calling was amazing with this year being the first time that It was a 2 day event which I enjoyed as I got to see & photograph some awesome talent such as Stevie & The Masquerades, Promises Promises & last years GFM Songwriting Final winner Maaike Siegerest play her winning Glastonbury Calling slot. I really enjoyed the DJ night as I like club music.

After that it was back to the King Arthur for an international women’s day punk rock special with Kate Gough, a favourite band I had the pleasure of meeting called Slackrr & Louise Distras finishing off the night. April saw me do my first Rock Against Cancer show of the year. Pretty Little Enemy headlines the evening & I felt that I had improved my music photos a lot that night.

The first ever VenueFest event happened at the beginning of May at The Venue in Wells. Lots of quality music & acts that will go far: Also at Easter I visited some of the Dorset coastline to take photos. I bought myself a tripod & spent 3 hours on good Friday photographing a blood moon.

May was busy, I went on my first ever trip to Mr Wolfs in Bristol with my friends to the Cosmic Ninja EP Launch Night. It also features Stevie & The Masquerades who performed an amazing set, one of their best yet. A few weeks later we went back to Mr Wolfs to see our good friend Ryan Webb play & I was even clapping & dancing.

I had the honour of watching & photographing the first few new Heel Heel events organised by Ian Liversidge from GFM. Also saw my friends In Brackets play alongside Lewis Poole & All Smiles In Wonderland. I first saw Scott Doonican at The Godney Gathering last year when his band The Barsteward Sons Of Val Doonican had an interview with Georgie Robbins & they ran off into the crowd with her microphone. She managed to bring Scott back to The Venue to perform his solo show to a packed out room. I then invested in a lens which I have been wanting for a couple of years now. It is very impressive & well worth it.

Now I was fortunate to be accepted back to photograph this years Godney Gathering after I really enjoyed last year. I saw many new acts that I hadn’t seen before such as Skinny Dog, Sin Amor & DLX. Also my good friends Last One Home & Turner. I have been getting a lot better with my skills such as taking photos of the moon at various stages & times of the day.

Until next time you can see my photos on my Facebook page or Instagram type in Stuart Williamson Photography or you can follow me on Twitter s_w_photograph



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