Watchet Kicks Off With A Poet & A Dog.

Watchet Festival 2019 has officially kicked off with a little bit of Poetry from Pete The Poet as well as Hobo Jones and The Junkyard Dogs. 

It has been sold out for over a month now and quite frankly with a line up like this you can see why. Not only do we have the likes of Embrace and Sophie Ellis Bexter but folk legends alike are gracing the fields of Parsonage Farm  for our listening pleasure. 

So far I have watched Samantics rap his heart out at the Something Else Tea Tent, Deanna Payne remind me of why I parked my bottom at this tent last year (because she is bloody awesome) and I have witnessed Hobo Jones perform a ‘family friendly’ set for the wealth of family friendly listeners. I will be honest, I learnt a whole new vocabulary through their set but who cares, it launched a fantastic weekend in style. 

If you haven’t heard any of these artists music before then you seriously need to check them out! It will be well worth it.  

I am off to see Fey Militia now, check back later for my full day summary! 



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