Watchet and Why . . .


Watchet Festival in  … you guessed it … Watchet have announced their first wave of acts spending their August  bank holiday weekend with us. The likes of Embrace and Alabama 3 will be taking to the stage to make sure we have a fantastic weekend. 

If you haven’t got your tickets yet make sure you read my list of reasons why you should! 

1. It’s bank holiday weekend! 

2. The awesome music. 

3. It’s a friendly event. 

4. Doesn’t cost you the earth. 

5. Embrace will be there! 

6. I will be there. 

7. The Something Else Tea Tent.

8. The Beautiful Setting, 

9. The Beautiful People. 

10. And lastly because it really is a tip top weekend. Without a doubt one of my highlights from last Summer. I made new friends, discovered new music, felt comfortable the entire weekend and simply had fun. I even got to share a poem I had written … rare for me to feel comfortable enough to do that, nonetheless it happened and I loved it. 

Make sure you check back for more updates over the Spring, I shall be doing my upmost to keep you well and truly in the loop. Having attended last  year I know you are in for a superb weekend with some great music. 

Just to give you a little taster … here is my favourite Embrace song. 




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