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Turner UK have certainly done the rounds this year having made their way round the festival circuit, supported Crazy Town and released their debut EP. They will be playing at Rock Against Cancer this Saturday which will be one of the last chances to catch them before they take a well deserved break. Please make sure you head to this event on Saturday, organisers have been working very hard to make sure they put on an awesome night in order to raise vital funds. But for now … get to know Turner UK.


 How has this year been for you? It seems to have been quite the roller coaster!

Yeah it’s been very busy, we’ve spent the summer at a lot of festivals so it’s been a lot of fun. Working out how to put together our live show has been a challenge but very exciting.  


With the festival season coming to an end what are your future plans?


We’re going to take a bit of time off from gigging, hopefully get back to writing some more tunes.


You’re gaining quite the reputation for putting on a great show. What runs through your mind before you get on stage?


Fin: Just don’t f**k up! 

Jake: Perfecting the clap is always important. 

Molly: I just have to try not to embarrass myself!  


Apart from me, have you had any weird experiences since being part of the band?


After our set at farmfest we got a whole hen party on stage to get a photo with us, that was pretty cool! 

When we played the Attic in Torquay we packed up and stayed in the club afterwards and they played our track (Velvet Bubblegum). 

When we were at Home Farm Fest it was so windy that two of the poles in our tent broke and our whole tent collapsed which was…not ideal! 


If you could describe each other as a Disney character who would you be?


Jake: I’d be Russell, the kid from up! 

Fin: Definitely buzz lightyear! 

Molly: Probably someone a bit weird like Alice in wonderland 


When can we expect the official Turner merch? T shirt collection is looking bare of it!


When we can afford it haha! 


How did you become involved in RAC?


We knew Max from previous bands we’ve been in and we’ve always thought it was a fantastic cause. We’ve always had an interest in being involved,  be it on or off the stage and we can’t wait to play for the RAC team again. Not only that but the line up is always fantastic so it should be a great day! 


How important is it for musicians to support events like this?


So important, both for the sake of the charity and the local scene. We all know how important this kind of exposure is and how hard it can be to get your music heard so we have to support each other! 


Will we be in for any surprises?


Well it wouldn’t be a surprise the would it? 


And most importantly … cider or lager?


Fin: Snakebite.

Jake: Turbo Shandy! 

Molly: A nice rock n roll cup of tea!  

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