Taking Over The Venue

This weekend was another great gig but this time was a night out with my friends rather than being the photographer. The band we went to see were called Imprints. I first saw them at the Music Expo last year. They were amazing, rocking the stage with their electric vibe & uplifting sounds. They had everyone dancing all night. It is extremely important to support live music. Not only is it to keep the music relevant but provides a source of passion in different ways for everyone. For me as a way of seeing live music that is original by talented musicians, affordable as some of the major events can be ridiculously overpriced & also get to have a night out & see friends. Also music is very calming to me & helps me relax.

We have a large variety of different music & a great local community spirit with gigs being held regularly around Glastonbury, Wells & more. Also some fabulous local festivals Glastonbury Calling & Godney Gathering to mention a couple. It will be a quiet few weeks for me photography wide as from April I am starting to fill up with gigs or events to photograph. Hope to also see so much good sounds & musicians of varying tastes.

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