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Approaching Autumn

  As you all can tell the leaves are changing colour & falling off the trees. It’s getting colder, this is the time of year where the weather varies. A good time to revisit past photographic locations to see what they look like in different seasons & compare your photos taken with previous visits. I …

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Somerset: A Photographer’s Paradise

  As you know apart from my music photography my main body of work is landscapes. I have traveled around Somerset visiting various nature reserves, beaches & woodland areas. Each time I visit one there is always something new or different that I haven’t seen before. I also visit ancient architecture such as Glastonbury Abbey, …

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Breakfast Club … 6 Months On.

  What started as a mad idea to open Daniel’s Cafe on a Sunday soon turned in to a monthly musical exploration of all things acoustic and beautiful. This is where it all began. Opening Sundays again, something which took an incredible amount of persuading to allow me to do in the first place. I …

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