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A Penny for the Arts?

I will get straight to it, the ARTS are greatly under appreciated and underfunded. I was once asked how we get more women to perform at events and festivals, we often blame the organisers or promoters but actually is there a deeper rooted issue. We seem to be trying to solve an issue at adult …

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Interview: Zaranis

  Zaranis is one of the most exciting young musicians out there right now. Fact. Over the last year I have gotten to know someone who is creative, intelligent and brave, a musician who knows exactly what he wants. Zaranis doesn’t shy away from the tough subjects and will happily have an articulate conversation about …

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5 Songs Which Help Me Cope Mentally

  As many of you know, I suffer with various mental hiccups that make a day to day life difficult for me and I know i’m not alone in that. I think music is a powerful tool to help with the sensations of being mentally unwell or just when having a bad day. I have …

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