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Taking Over The Venue

This weekend was another great gig but this time was a night out with my friends rather than being the photographer. The band we went to see were called Imprints. I first saw them at the Music Expo last year. They were amazing, rocking the stage with their electric vibe & uplifting sounds. They had …

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Interview: Slackrr

  This International Women’s Day will see Kate Gough, Louise Distras and Slackrr come together to raise awareness and funds for period poverty. It is often a subject we avoid talking about but actually it really is important. Women all over the World don’t have access to basic sanitary products, this has to change.  I …

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Punk Rocks . . . Period

LET’S SMASH OUT PERIOD POVERTY   Live From The Living Room and Georgie the Journo present Punk Rocks … Period!   It’s time to acknowledge what we have all been trying to ignore, poverty. All around the Country and World right food banks are becoming more and more depended on, it’s shocking. But you know …

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