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Glastonbury Calling 2019

Glastonbury Calling 2019 is now only less than 4 weeks away. This is a local event not to be missed. I am really looking forward to it. This is a local event with different venues in Glastonbury playing original music & showcasing local talent & musicians. I had my first Glastonbury Calling last year & …

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GFM and When?

First up I would like to thank everyone  who has supported and encouraged me to take on the all mighty challenge of being a presenter at GFM. I have had the honour of guest presenting on Ian Liversidge’s show many times now and I want to give him some peace, so here we are, my …

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Glastonbury Calling Countdown

Believe it or not there are only four weeks until Glastonbury Calling 2019, I know absolute madness, I feel like I am still recovering from the last one. Anyway the time is almost here and the whole team are rather excited to be sharing with you all their hard work over the past year. Yet …

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