Somerset: A Photographer’s Paradise


As you know apart from my music photography my main body of work is landscapes. I have traveled around Somerset visiting various nature reserves, beaches & woodland areas. Each time I visit one there is always something new or different that I haven’t seen before. I also visit ancient architecture such as Glastonbury Abbey, Wells Cathedral or the Tor. These are very interesting places to visit & photograph. The background makes the subject or foreground a nice perspective when framing up a shot. You do not need to go abroad or a city to necessarily get landscape photographs.



Somerset has plenty to offer & is a beautiful place & the wonderful images I have taken reflect that fact. One of my favourites is to visit the various nature reserves & each time I try a new trail & discover lots of interesting images & scenery to photograph. I love seeing the reflections on the water & capturing them on a sunny day. You can get some great practice & photographs by revisiting places at different times of the year as they never look the same. Last week I ventured up to the monument near Street Hill. It was a lovely sunny day & I got some pretty good photos with the background enhancing the subject. I could also see Glastonbury Tor clear as daylight. Hopefully next week I will get a chance to visit Forde Abbey & Chard Reservoir.



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