Smartphones VS Professional Cameras: The Debate Rages On


Over the past couple of years I have progressed from using my iPhone cameras to a proper DSLR camera like the ones that professional photographers use. I still use my phone for quick shots or if I don’t have my camera with me. I started taking photos with my old iPhone 3GS many years ago. The camera was great quality for a phone. I think it was a 5mp camera in the phone. It also gave me great sunset images which became a favourite of mine.



My logo is based on a sunset & silhouette image that I took on an iPhone 4. I wasn’t actually trying to get a silhouette at the time. It was a combination of the camera in the phone & the low light of the most wonderful sunset. I am now using an iPhone 7 which has an even more impressive 12mp camera which compared to previous phones I’ve had are good quality photos. I also use this at gigs & events to do shots of a set if the angle or shot isn’t right on my camera. It’s a very useful thing to have a combination of a proper camera & smartphone. My camera also has a base 12mp but as it’s a proper camera you will notice a difference in quality & sharpness compared to the same amount of megapixels on a camera phone. I spoke with a couple of professional photographers who I met last year & they were saying that now smartphone cameras are just as good as a proper camera. Before long they may even be better than your trusty Canon or Nikon.



I have actually found that my phone takes better sunset photos than my actual camera. That’s not a bad thing though as sunsets & sunrises can be quick & you need a quick finger & shutter to capture the moment otherwise the opportunity to take a great photo will be lost. It’s really amazing to me to see how they cram all this high spec camera stuff into a small phone compared to the more bulky SLR’s but then on a Canon or Nikon you have interchangeable lenses etc. Conclusion: if you just like a selfie or a quick photo then use your smartphone as that will be just right. If you are a proper photographer I recommend using a combination of your smartphone & your camera with your work.


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