September Son (pt 1)




I have been on a journey with September Son, emotionally, spiritually and musically. I have jammed with them, followed them around Bath and spent some time with them as they rehearse. Now as they head towards Farm Fest my hopes for them to be loved by the public as much as I do is at full throttle.


Having spent a considerable amount of time in their presence of the past couple of months I have witnessed a passion that is missing from the mainstream music industry. Their everything is put in to every word, in to every note, and they truly believe in every breath they put in to their music. I talk of my emotional journey with September Son but we best not forget their tale too.



There have been various forms of September Son, many twists and turns over the past few years, for Spencer Cox who has been the staple and navigator, it has been an interesting and valuable experience. Now, they are in their most developed and complete form. Spencer is joined by Ret, Shah and Jamie, multi instrumentalists who are equally as passionate about the music they play as Spencer. Oozing a kind of peaceful cool straight from the 70s, each member offers a vibe that sets September Son apart from their peers. It’s an edge which is very much welcome in a time where we are inundated with hollow sentiments. The local music scene are bucking this trend and these guys are right up there with those leading the way.


Sat, watching, observing, taking it in, I love spending time with each and every member. They welcome me, let me be involved. I even had the pleasure of jamming Johnny Cash on the Cajon with them. I am excited to see where the second half the year takes them. With a headlining show this Friday, a slot at Farm Fest and many other shows in the pipeline, oh and did I mention talk of a new EP? Well It’s all there and ready for you to enjoy. Make sure you head on down to their set on Saturday, you will walk away mellow, happy and a new fan.




My time with September Son isn’t over, in fact it has just begun. I needed to introduce you to them. I need you to know who they are for the next chapter. I will see you at their set at Farm Fest … make sure you check back soon for the next part. 


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