Review: Slackrr – I Know (EP)


For those who know me well know that I don’t usually review music. I prefer to promote people’s creativity and offer a platform. Well Slackrr went a changed that. Over the past few years I have distanced myself from the reviewing circuit, I found there were a lot of bands there but not a lot setting them apart. This is where Slackrr showed me I was wrong. There are bands out there pushing the boundaries and they are one of them. And now I can’t wait to share the love for ‘I Know’. 

Slackrr are one of the hardest working bands I know. Their tour schedule is insane and they don’t shy away from supporting important causes, what’s even better? They actually make a decent tune! Fantastic. So let me tell you more about ‘I Know’. 

Not only is it overly flowing with pop punk coolness but it also has a maturity to it which will lead to Slackrr maintaining their momentum. For songs to go the distance they need to be something you can listen to repeatedly without getting bored as well as feeling  a connection to of course. Even though Slackrr are fairly young in origin they seem to have quickly found a way of connecting us with them and provide us with some everlasting tunes. 

‘I Know’ feels fresh. It  is just what I needed to rekindle my love for pop punk and it is certainly one I shall be adding to my playlist. ‘I Know’ is a solid EP, it makes me yearn for a full album. It even has an acoustic version of ‘Closest to Perfect’ which only adds to the over all quality. 

There are exciting this on the horizon for Slackrr and I look forward to following their journey. If ‘I Know’ is anything to go by then I know they are heading towards great things. 

So this is my version of a review. All you need to know is the EP is fantastic, you should buy it and that is all I need to say! 





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