Punk Rocks . . . Period



Live From The Living Room and Georgie the Journo present

Punk Rocks … Period!


It’s time to acknowledge what we have all been trying to ignore, poverty. All around the Country and World right food banks are becoming more and more depended on, it’s shocking. But you know what it isn’t just food people are struggling to buy it’s basical sanitary items. It may seem something small but each month women everywhere go through it and there is nothing worse it being made more uncomfortable unnessarily. Well this is where we are stepping in. We can’t make the problem go away but we are going to make our own contribution towards comfort. Punk Rocks … Period is going to be an incredible event held at The King Arthur on March 8th. All proceeds from this event will go towards helping to provide sanitary items for those less fortunate. And what a line up we have for you, the brilliant Louise Distras will be headlining with support from Southampton punk rockers Slackrr with local singer/songwriter Kate Gough opening the show.


This is a time where we all need to come together as a community and show a united front. Make sure you put that date in your diaries, grab those tickets and come on down to a punk filled evening of music and good times. Yes, I said good times because that is exactly what you will have. You can find all the details below on this super cool poster Rob made … he is rather good like that.


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