Punk Rock & A Sheep

Last week I was very busy photographing most of the weekend. It was a dismal day but perfect conditions to visit Burrow Mump. I took along with me a variation of kit. I took my wide angle 18-55mm & my long 75-300mm lenses to see which lens would be best for different angles or closeups. I found it very interesting not because of the focal range vs image quality but because of how both lenses produced different varieties of the same angle. It gave me more ideas to think about & how I can utilise my lenses & where they are best situated to be used. I managed to even get better at photographing animals. I took a few photos of a sheep with my long lens which turned out a lot better than I imagined.

The same evening there was a punk rock charity gig in Glastonbury. It was Kate Gough opening followed by the electric punk rock/grunge band Slackrr then closing out the evening was solo punk artist Louise Distras. The room had a great atmosphere so was a fun night had by all attendees. I had lots of fun taking the photos because they came out better than I hoped & the acts liked my photos & thanked me for coming & taking them. There will be plenty more from me as this year goes on but I think I am getting better at my photography.

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