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I’m going to be giving some tips & tricks on how to get a good photo this week at gigs/events & also landscapes. First I will give my tips on how to get good photos at gigs or events. You check out the layout of the stage or room you are the photographs on/in depending on the size of the room. I either use my 50mm f1.8 for gigs which is excellent in low light situations or my trusty 18-200mm lens. You also must look around you to see what kind of lighting your environment has as sometimes bad or dull lighting can ruin a nice shot. If you have nice colours & set at the right point then you will see some great results like I did a few weeks ago at the GFM Songwriting Final. To get the right setting & light. I recommend before the gig starts that you take some practice shots to make sure you have it set correctly & how you wish it to be. Now I am going to move on to landscape photography. I tend to take a couple of different sized lenses with me when I go out because you will want a longer one if you wish to get a subject which is a distance away from you. When I do landscapes which includes old architecture then I say that a wide angle lens such as a 50mm or smaller is much better. I do not recommend using a long lens in small spaces as you will get either blurry or distorted photos. Don’t forget to charge your batteries if you are going to be out for a long time.



Last week I visited Brean Down & walked along the beach & had a very long tiring walk to the old sea fort. A lot of the rooms were locked & had bars across & very dark. This was perfect for my 50mm lens & low light made for some amazing results.



Yesterday I went back to one of my favourite places Ham Wall which is always different every time I go there. I got some great water shots & the beautiful sunshine made it more worthwhile.




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