Oska Zaky (pt 1)


Photo Credit: Charles Gervais


I remember the night, a cold Halloween evening when Oxjam was still a thing, a young charming lad turned up at The Venue in Wells, full of enthusiasm and clutching a guitar. No expectations, no preconceptions, this lad played some covers before blessing us with some original offerings of his own. I was mesmerised. Almost two years later Oska Zaky is a household name in Somerset. Amongst his many achievements Oska has maintained a humble and welcoming nature which comes as part of his appeal. The list of events he has electrified is endless, Glastonbury Festival, Godney Gathering, and soon to be Farm Fest to name but a few highlights of his short career.



I want to tell you about the Oska I know, the one who greets me with a hug and warm smile every time I see him. The one I witnessed smash his way through three of his own songs at the GFM song writing competition a mere three days after his mentor and dear friend passed away. A young man who managed to play at three separate events in one day whilst still maintaining his enthusiasm and quality. Humble, respectful and hardworking there soon won’t be a day I need to introduce you to him. His music speaks for itself.


He is the ultimate DIY artist. I once sat with Oska as he explained to me at great length how he shot and edited his video for Pieces. Parts in LA, parts at home, all in all a well delivered piece of art. He can speak Chinese by the way … in a culture struggling to speak English … I know impressive. Is there anything he can’t do? I won’t ask his mother, there may be a longer list than he wishes to see which includes the dishes. Anyway let’s move on to more important things.



Oska is at Farm Fest this year after spending a few weeks travelling around China, no doubt an experience we will be hearing a lot about through his music. For those of you who haven’t had the honour of watching him perform then I suggest you head on down to see him in the afternoon. You will be amazed at how advanced he is and how well accomplished his music is. I dare you to prove me wrong.


The future looks set for the stars for Oska Zaky, if he continues to write and provide songs with such quality and heart he will no doubt find himself amongst the greats of the generation. There is more to his story. Keep an eye out as I follow his journey.





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