One Year On: A Retrospective


This week is slightly different in that it is exactly a year ago that I decided that I wanted to become a proper photographer. I started off just posting some photos on my Facebook page for fun to see what people thought of them & to show what I like doing. When the warmer weather appeared I started visiting local landmarks & taking photos with my smartphone as I didn’t own a proper digital camera at that point.


A couple of months later I decided to enter a local exhibition for people with learning disabilities like myself. I had to submit 2 photographs of my choosing according to their criteria. I was very lucky to be accepted. I went along on the opening night with my family to see my photographs hanging up. I was pretty proud of myself. I could see the different types of photography from the other artists. A few particular ones then gave me some inspiration & ideas to explore.



I went back to my pen & paper & started to design a logo for my photography. I then had a graphic designer very kindly design me a very beautiful logo. With the wonderful support & encouragement from my very good friend Georgie Robbins, we set about on collaborating on a few ideas. She wrote a very nice article on me in a local paper. She also helped me set up my own exhibition of my photographs which was a success. Lots of people said how they liked my work & bought some photographs from me.



I then decided to save up for a proper professional digital camera to learn even more as I was becoming very interested & serious about photography. So it was worth investing in a nice camera. I was then invited to various local events to photograph them while still maintaining my own interest in landscape photography. I have met some very nice people & made many new contacts since being introduced to the wonderful & vibrant local music scene we have. I have visited many local places this year to photograph them & have even revisited some of them on occasion. I have as you will know joined Georgie Robbins in her creative world so if you see one of us, you can be fairly sure that the others will not be far behind. I have not been out with my camera this week due to the adverse weather we have been having but have taken a few photos of the snow that we have had.



Until next time you can keep checking out my pages on Facebook & Instagram for photos or you can follow me on Twitter s_w_photograph

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