New Year – New Music

Photography by Stuart Williamson

Welcome to 2019, I know we have already had two weeks of it but the music world goes a little quiet this time of year to focus on new material. Thankfully local cool cats Hoodoo Blue are resting, in fact we have their debut single ready for our eager ears. The single is fantastic which I am not at all surprised about. I have watched Hoodoo Blue play several times now with them getting better each and every time. I have even had the privilege of stalking them at the Rock Against Cancer gig back in September, they were very nice to me. Anyway back to the important stuff, they have a new single and you have to listen to it, get used to it and then come and listen to it played live at Glastonbury Calling in February.

If you haven’t got your tickets yet then WHY?! You can get them online at ethertickets or you can pop in to The Venue in Wells, Insane Games in Street or Glastonbury Information Centre. 

In the meantime have a listen, like their facebook page and appreciate the beauty of their music. 


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