New Music 10/8/18


It is Friday the 10th of August, three massive names in the local music scene have dropped new music and I am sat here in absolute awe of all the wonderful new music to my ears.


First up is Craig and Alex Priddice. It is safe to say I have been pestering them no end to get them recording and providing me with material. Thankfully they got so fed up of me going on about it they have finally released an EP. ‘Stones’ is a four track EP establishing where they plan to take their music and just how good they are at writing their own material. Having seen them play a few times over the past year, I have seen how much this means to them. I have witnessed a duo work hard to keep people interested and to spread their name. I am not usually one for covers but this is a duo who are pretty good at convincing me to give it a chance, their originals convince me they are musicians through and through. Not only are they professional, grafters, charmers and brothers who actually get along, but they clearly have an undeniable connection with each other and their music. ‘Stones’ may be short but it perfectly demonstrates why they are in demand, why they have been playing night after night across Somerset and beyond, it’s what I’ve been harassing them for for months now. I am so glad it is finally here. I want you all to download it. I want you to all take a moment to appreciate why I and many others love them. You can give it a go by clicking here. 



Next up is Oska Zaky. I never run out of things to say about this young man. He always brings exactly what we need to the table and then some. Last time I spoke with Oska he said he was taking his music in a new direction, he had a plan and now, with the release of new single ‘Better’, we have a first glimpse of where he plans to go. It’s a mature offering from Oska who writes a lot about his moments with girls, which is something you expect from a teenager, but now he is moving on and is getting stronger with each track. Having heard early previews of new material I already knew he was working on something special, and now with ‘Better’ out there for you all to here you don’t have to rely on just my word. With each track I always feel there is so much more to come from Oska. I feel like we are only scratching the surface of what he has to offer. ‘Better’ is just the beginning of Oska’s next journey. Of course we will all be watching. Make sure you download the track now, here. 


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