New Music: Cosmic Ninja


Those awesome people in Cosmic Ninja have only gone and surpassed themselves by releasing an absolute belter of a new track. Yes that’s right I used the word belter because it really is a quality track. It was recently played on Glastonbury FM ahead of it’s July release, just in time for Godney, so if you want to check it out before it’s release then you can listen out for the repeated show on Sunday or simply download Thursday night’s show. 


Released as part of a trio of singles set to hit the airwaves this year, ‘Yeah Right’ is a continuation of their usual powerful guitars, high energy and dance enthused sound. It is the kind of song you want to stick on in an open top car on a hot day, turn it right up and find a long stretch of road to travel on. Yes it has that vibe and that is exactly what I will be doing as soon as it is released. It reminds me of why I fell in love with them in the first place. It’s music you can’t neatly put in to a little box. Cosmic Ninja is Cosmic Ninja, it’s their own style, their own power and quite frankly, having a kick ass front woman just makes them all the more thrilling to watch grow.


Seeing as it isn’t released until July 20th, I can’t share the cracking video with you just yet however here is a reminder of why we simply love them so much! 



Having spent the past couple of years steadily marking their territory all over the South West, it would seem there is no end to their ability in drawing in a crowd and producing songs which immediately lift you up even on the hardest of days. I have witnessed first hand the sheer talent of this trio, thankfully there are plenty more opportunities in the coming months to check them out with appearances at Godney Gathering and Rock Against Cancer later on in the year. They also have a new drummer … some exciting stuff coming from these guys in the second half of the year. 


To keep up to date you can follow their Facebook page here …

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