Natural Colours


Throughout the seasons the colours of our area change. You can get some beautiful shades of green, red, yellow & even orange. I like photographing the changing seasons as each time is different. No photo is the same. I revisit many locations for this very reason. I’ve seen many different colours but I especially enjoy seeing lots of greens & even lush orange’s. The changing sky also enhances the changing colours of the year. I hope to find some new locations to go throughout the next few months. Also sunsets should be good at this time of year. Those colours are spectacular & very natural. They range from purples & pinks to even orange. This week I went to Swell Wood near Langport which is a natural beauty untouched & hidden away. Took lots of photos which had lush green leaves everywhere.




I also watched for the first time this week Davey Malone & Jake Martin perform at The Hawthorns in Glastonbury. A fine variety of music. I also got invited to catch Missy Edwards & Hoodoo Blue again & an opportunity to watch Liam Howard & his powerful vocals. It was also the turn on the monthly Daniels Cafe breakfast & music in Wells this week which had 2 very talented musicians Liam Goodman & Brian Stone.


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