Music Expo 2018


This week has been very busy. First was my weekly visit to the Grow Room at the King Arthur in Glastonbury. This time performing were Craig & Alex Priddice. They also asked me to take some photos of them & their set. This was to promote their newly released EP Stones. I like the layout of the stage at the King Arthur as I have photographed there a few times now so know where to get the best shots & angles I can get.



On Saturday was the long awaited Music Expo at The Bath & West Showground. It was an extremely long day but was well worth it. I learnt a lot about the music industry throughout the day. I was also given the task of being the official photographer on the main stage in the exhibitors area alongside Georgie & Paige who had their interview area throughout the day. I got to meet some new faces & a lot of people I already know & my friends which included Sonya & Ryan who came all the way down from London to attend this event. Ryan & his band performed later in the evening. It was very interesting & checking out the various stalls & seeing what people do. Early in the afternoon Georgie hosted a Q&A session which included industry legends such as Wyatt Wendels from Planet Rock. He was very entertaining & gave out lots of good & useful information. I even got to meet him afterwords. There was also Toby Jepson who I recognised as a musician from many years ago. Rob Town from Stampede Press, Gary Patterson who runs Amplified festival. They each gave a talk in the main area beforehand. I was asked to film the Q&A, I was very nervous at first but soon it was good.



As well as photographing I had the opportunity of seeing some great live music. Amongst my favourites were Ryan Webb, Last One Home & Miss Kill. People were really interested in what I do & were asking me things & talking to me. Got lots of good feedback after a long day. I enjoyed it & glad I was invited along. Mike & his team put on a superb day of networking & music. You can see my photos from the day on my Facebook & instagram pages.

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