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I fear I am becoming a bit of a Missy Edwards Band stalker. So far I have seen her majestically grace the stage of Live for Leukemia, Home Farm Fest & Godney Gathering. This weekend I made it round number four by tracking her down at Farm Festival Somerset, in fact it wasn’t hard, I bumped in to her in the que! I was greeted with a warm hug and beverage plans (We stayed true to that agreement though we don’t need to go in to that). It rained, we didn’t care, we still had an epic time. We even got a selfie.


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I have good reason to be excited to see Missy at these events and stalk her as much as possible, she is simply brilliant. I feel blessed to know her not only as a musician but also as a person. Not only a beautiful human inside and out but a lady who can hypnotise me as soon as she begins to play. I relax, I forget, I go to a place of tranquility. This is what I love most about Missy, amongst other things it’s her calming nature which takes me to the clouds and far away places. My stress reliever.


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Before Farm Fest I managed to catch up with Missy who had just returned from Glastonbury Festival.

‘We are really looking forward to playing at this years Farmfest. We will be performing, for the first time, as a 3 piece. Consisting of Ian on guitar, Stu on bass and beats from backing track and myself on vocals and guitar.

I feel we have a unique sounds that covers many genres from dub to dream pop with a little sprinkling of jazz and even disco. Each song is different so hopefully there will be something for all music fans.

We are going to be staying for the whole festival and will be listening to as many acts as possible’


When asked how she feels about performing and what she likes most, Missy continued with


‘Performing and writing music gives me time out from my other life roles.

It’s a bit of ‘me time’ which I use to be creative. It’s also very soothing for the soul and I always feel invigorated and positive after a productive rehearsal. My songs have a relaxing, mellow vibe and I think this is because we rehearse in our dining room when the children are in bed. The music becomes their lullabies.’


Farm Festival was an absolute blast this year, Missy played early one which meant I had the pleasure of dancing around and acting silly later on, because you know, we can do that. Even her children joined in. The most well behaved and polite children I have ever seen at a show. According to Missy they even enjoy playing music themselves.



‘The youngest Marlon practices his drums daily and Austin, the eldest is learning guitar whilst Winston is always singing. They have performed as a group and last year they played at a festival. I was so proud.

I love watching the next generation develop a passion for music. Whether listening or performing. The talent I have seen is outstanding. And it is so important for young people to have the opportunity to perform That is why I was honoured to be involved in the Youth Battle of the Bands.’


It has been a hectic year for Missy and the band so they will be taking a bit of a family time break over the summer however they promise to be back. Follow me and you will find them, turns out we like to stalk each other.



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