Live Review: The Amity Affliction W/Endless Heights, Dream State & The Plot In You – (SWX, Bristol)


The SWX may not be a new venue to the Bristol music scene, but it is surprisingly my first time discovering it and it’s impressive size. An impressive lineup for tonight’s tour with four of the best upcoming names in modern metalcore and rock, conjoined with the venue’s easy view access of the entire stage was set for a great night.



Despite bringing to the table a much more mature sound than any other band on this lineup to tonight’s show, Australia’s Endless Heights (8) pull off a mesmerising set but play to a dull crowd in the half-filled room this early on. Their approach to modern rock is borderline perfected as the band bravely confront their difficult-to-win-over crowd with tracks from their debut album, ‘Vicious Love’. Vocalist Joel Martorana’s soothing voice soars over the band’s atmospheric and ground-breaking build ups and immensity. Whilst wild and energetic on stage, they still don’t match up to the hyperactive bouncing of Dream State (8) who hit the stage next. Performing the entirety of their 2018 EP ‘Recovery’ to the pretty filled venue, giving it their all and certainly getting it back as the crowd laps it up completely. Mosh pits erupt as vocalist CJ Gilpin commands her army of fans with her powerful voice and occasional harsh screams. The band are almost proving of headline worthy at tonight’s large venue as from the looks of attendees, everybody is enjoying Dream State’s passion and drive towards the alt rock scene as they perform like a heavier version of Paramore. Big things to come from this band for sure.



The Plot In You (7) return to Bristol once more and should have an array of fans queueing up in anticipation, but this is not so apparent tonight and possibly the cause of completely changing your band’s genre when comparing to your previous record. Although 2018’s release of ‘Dispose’ was actually pretty impressive, it is a big fat shame that the band are not able to commit to their older, more aggressive styled metalcore in their previous work. The newer, poppier songs are still portrayed greatly despite much of a stage presence from the members of TPIY as vocalist Landon Tewers bellows his impressive vocal range but looks ill in the face while doing so. Perhaps not yet built to headline for a tour this big, but that’s why it’s left to long-time metalcore belters, The Amity Affliction (8). This is a band who can do it all, and it’s proven on their recently released new album, ‘Misery’. The stage is igniting as the band engage the audience with their catchy choruses but it’s the spine-tingling screams of Joel Birch that overpower the night and construct the mosh pit. Like boyband Busted but with more chest hairs, Amity are able to use their unique blend of synths and keys instead of guitar riffs but still able to provide the heavy where needed. Having seen this band live a few times in the last eight years, it’s easy to see what they’ve grown to be is their best strength yet, and it shows within this packed out venue that Amity are still quite relevant in today’s perspective.

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