Live Review: ARCHITECTS W/ BEARTOOTH & POLARIS – (Cardiff Motorpoint Arena)

It’s not often an arena sized venue holds it’s stage available for metal bands, let alone a metal tour. Although it’s clearly safe to say that on recent years of pouring blood, sweat and tears into their previous three records, Architects are more than deserving of this triumphant headline tour on such grounds.

Opening said tour is the mighty Polaris (8) from Australia. A band I’ve previously seen twice in our shores, that I predicted would smash perhaps their biggest shows to date with their intense metalcore genre. Whilst almost as heavy as their touring headliner , Polaris are vicious in comparison, as their harsh vocals often rival Sam Carter’s unique twist on the genre. Although difficult to compete between the two, Polaris are a defined force to be reckoned with and perhaps one of the only few metalcore gems still looming, giving future hope for this genre.

Having seen them in better times, Beartooth (7) still play a formidable set despite them being perhaps the odd-one-out on this lineup. After releasing their third record mid last year, the band have followed a similar path to A Day To Remember’s sound but it’s obviously done them justice scoring them a tour like this. Whilst Caleb Shomo lyrically battles against depression and alcoholism, the crowd lap it up definitely earning new fans tonight. The catchy chorus of fan-favourite ‘Bodybag’ brings joy to older fans of the band while new tracks such as ‘Manipulation’ please the newest.

This being my twelfth time seeing this band live I guess you could say I’m somewhat of a fan. I’m fully aware that they’re capable of decimating a venue of this capacity, despite having some of the barriers put up around the room. Architects (10) deserve my massive rating, they’ve been through some tough years, pulled through and brought out their best releases in their career. Clearly destined for these larger venues and this night proved it. Playing tracks from the previous three records seems to be the sensible solution as they sound huge on the arena. Sam Carter is one of the best front men in the UK right now as his vocals prove he’s at the top of his game. There is tremendous clapping when the stage lights up in a heart shape with the initials of Tom Searle, their fallen band mate and brother. It’s a beautiful sight and a mesmerizing night in total as Architects have once again proven they are at the forefront of the UK metal scene and with no hesitation will it end there.

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