Lewis Poole: Happiness in Heart Machines

I have always been a fan of Somerset musician Lewis Poole, not only does he write some of the catchiest tunes  but he has to be one of the nicest people I have had the pleasure of working with. Last year I interviewed Lewis ahead of his slot at  The Godney Gathering, during our chat he promised me an album. This was his big mistake. This lead to me relentlessly begging for it’s release. Now here we are a year later and Lewis has kindly offered me an early listen of an album which he has poured his heart in to. 

Now I am not one to review people’s work, music is subjective and we all enjoy songs for different reasons. So with that in mind I am going to tell you why I enjoy listening to music from Lewis Poole.

Something which is particularly evident with this new release is that Lewis knows how to reach down and pull out feelings which bubble under the surface. His heart and soul is there laid bare for all to listen and return immediately relate to the state of mind he is detailing. You’d think this was an easy thing to do but in reality it takes a special someone to really draw you in to their music so deeply. With Lewis you want to stick the headphones on, turn it up and sit in reflection in your own space. You want to shut out the world and just be present with the music.  From every note to every word, Happiness in Heart Machines is an honest reflection of an artist who knows how to put heart to paper. 

It isn’t just the music I admire about Lewis, it’s the hard work and dedication he puts in to absolutely everything when it comes to music. The reason this album took a while is because he wanted it to be right, so he put in the hours, he put in the graft and from that came a collection of songs for him to be proud of. 

Happiness in Heart Machines is released on August 23rd. Please make sure you have a listen and support this fantastic musician. 




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