Landscape Photography: Why I Like Doing It


Photographing landscapes looks like it is easy to do but you need the right location & good light which can be tricky. You also need to have a good eye meaning you have picked out some good parts of the area that you are in that would look nice in a printed photograph. The sky must have a contrast with the landscape & blend in to make the shot work.

Landscape photography is also another way of calling itself Still Life as the photograph has no moving subject in it. This does make it easier for the photographer but it is also what they want to have as an image. The camera & lens you mostly need for this would have to be a wide angle lens which is mostly used for landscape work or using the standard 18-55mm lens if you own one. I have been told many times that I have a natural eye for this type of photography. What this means is that I am constantly looking around me looking for views to photograph & just click away then I end up with some brilliant photos afterwards. You can use a telephoto lens if you wish which if you have experience will be good with this but I must say that if you do this then your lens will focus in on a particular subject or area you are framing & in turn blur out the background.



Landscape photography has always been a big passion of mine & my favourite but I have just started to get experience with photographing animals such as cows & ducks. I have always enjoyed taking photos of old buildings such as Wells Cathedral or architecture from different countries. I have photographed many different landscapes all over the world over the years. From Somerset to Dorset, Menorca to New Zealand & Australia. I would like to go abroad again some day, this time with a proper camera just to photograph the beautiful landscapes. Landscape photography to me is very calming & beautiful. You get to see lots of beautiful places without being disturbed & having the opportunity to create some wonderful photos & memories. On Friday I went back to Ham Wall which is becoming a regular favourite of mine due to new areas that I haven’t photographed or explored yet. I got some wonderful photos of some Highland cows & water flooded woodlands.



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