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This gent needs no introduction … because all the nice things I say would be a lie … bending of the truth. So I will let you make a judgement for yourself. Here we talk Farm Fest, the disappearance of his revelator and what kind of food he would be. I would say it doesn’t get far fetched but that would be a lie, plus in this day and age it’s important to get creative. 

Well hello there Mr Diment, I would say long time no see but that would be a lie! So I will start by asking … Farm Fest … what level of excited are we?

Hello yourself! Tremendously excited, like one of those collie dogs you see, locked away for their own good, on farms spinning round in little circles, weeing a lot and herding ducks, children and cars in an attempt to prove their herding ability.

You recently came runner up in the GFM songwriting competition. Any fighting words for Nicholson Heal before you seem him at Farm Fest?

No none at all, he looks hard as nails and lives near Radstock I believe, which means he’s probably  tooled up.

His has a lovely song whereas mine was a succession of gags strung together with some dubious & off colour observations about rough bits of towns I’ve lived in. Fair dos I say.

 I was very happy with Runner up spot because there were some great songs in the final. Also, it meant I could play both Farm Fest and do Tolpuddle Festival the weekend that Godney was on. This has enabled me to become even more left wing & opinionated, which even I didn’t think was possible.

You have been very vocal on your political beliefs but the real question is ale or cider?

Horses for courses, I’m partial to both. Cider for a warm summer’s evening after some traditional pursuit like haymaking, thatching or interfering with animals in some way. Ale for breakfast.

You are asked to write a song about Farm Fest … give me the chorus …

Ok how about

“I am truly truly blessed,

My family & friends impressed

It was the object of my quest

I came second, Nich was best

I won a slot at the farmfest”


I heard through the grapevine (the lovely Mrs Diment) that there is an album on the cards. When can we expect this and what can we expect from it?

You can expect it pretty damn soon, we are finishing off mixes right now & mastering is on the way. Early Autumn release we hope.  It was recorded as live as possible to recreate the sound of the band in our natural live pub habitat. Some of the tracks were recorded entirely live. We are very excited because there isn’t much of our material available that sounds like us as the band we have now mutated into. We think we rock – so do others. That all bodes well.

I have been reliably informed you are a funny guy. Do you agree? What makes people think this?

One man’s funny is another’s really irritating. I try & cover all the bases. Most of my between song patter is really a potty mouthed distraction from the fact that I don’t really know what I’m doing or why anyone listens to me. I’m very pleased that they do though. I do like to engage with an audience, though not for showbiz reasons but to see if any of them are likely to want to lamp me after or even during the show!

If John Diment was a food dish, what would it be and how would it taste?

He would be vegetarian, spicy and a bit cheesy.

A Saturday night Saag paneer,  pilau rice, a garlic naan  & a couple of cold Kingfishers – don’t go near him on Sunday though.

We used to know you as JD Revelator, what happened to the Revelator?

Right, lets get this sorted out here & now….! John D  Revelator is the name of the band (or parts thereof) that play my, and some other peoples’, songs and have garnered a small but dedicated following across the south west & beyond from beavering away  at the  festival & pub coalface for  the last 2-3 years. I am the lead singist of that band.

I occasionally play solo shows which used to be known as John D Revelator (solo) but people never read the “solo” bit.  After being slightly dejectedly asked where the drummer and pretty lady were a few times, I decided to let everyone down gently & just go out with my own, weirdly spelt, name when doing solo shows. It’s all about managing expectations!

If you were given an award for your heroics, what would you have done to deserve it?

I genuinely have saved a mate from being run over on 3 separate occasions. Same mate, 3 different times – he is a bit of a div though. Also, I have to fess up & say intoxicants were involved. He now lives in a small village in the hills far away from the lorries or buses that would have cut his life cruelly short. Other than that, my heroics are more mundane; you know, doing washing up, washing the car, putting out bins that kind of thing – even Clarke Kent gets a day off sometimes!

And lastly … what are your issues with a 24 hour clock?

There aren’t enough of them in my life, more of them please… Simple use of the 24 hour clock would have helped me avoiding turning up 12 hours early for a gig at the Avalon inn at Glastonbury festival this year – what a silly meat free sausage I am!


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