Introducing: The Jamestown Brothers

I absolutely can’t wait to welcome The Jamestown Brothers to The Venue in March. It feels like we have been planning their appearance for months … well we have and the time is finally here! But a lot has happened since I booked them in to play, they have been in the studio! I have had a sneaky listen and the EP is sounding brilliant. Having already played a few shows in the past few months they are eager and ready to unleash themselves in to the world. Before they make their appearance though I want you to get to know them a little more. So have a little read, get yourselves excited and make sure you come and watch them at The Venue in March … oh and get a copy of their EP! 

How did it all begin?

It all started about two years ago myself and Keith had been playing in an acoustic duo doing the usual rounds and had become pretty despondent with it all  and the lack of originality.. we knew we could write songs . so hey let’s form a original band that reflects some of the elements we enjoy in some of our favourite songs and musicians. 
We weren’t sure how the sound was going to turn out or who would join us and stay the course but the hard work has resulted in our melodic generally upbeat country folk music ,those genres itself can be widespread but if,like most things you need to put us in a category then I guess there’s a space for us there!

 What are your influences? 

Our influences are pretty widespread given we have a classically trained fiddle player Claire , pianist Phil and trombonist Steve but in essence the likes of Cash, Springsteen ,Dylan, Petty Steve Earle.. songwriters who can tell a story or imagery where you’re always waiting for the next line whilst your toes can’t stay still… funny most are American but we stay clear of highways and Chevrolet’s!! 

 How do you manage with so many of you? 

It was never the intention to have such a large band but as the songs developed it opened up obvious musical opportunities and we took them!  based around our solid experienced bassist ( Tim) and drummer(Martin) our latest gem of a find being Sharon, our backing singer and expert recorder player! It takes a lot of time organising and planning but the guys give it their all.
 Who would you have play you in a biopic of the band? 

Lol… who would play us in a biopic??
This could go either way…
Well my chiseled shaven headed muscular physique could be attempted by Jason Statham (downright lie!) keith on guitar, well another shaved head… so must be a younger Bruce Willis ( still a lie!) Phil on piano defo Oliver Read if he was alive ..Read I mean!! (True but not saying why!!)
Steve on trombone, must be Star Trek thespian and well educated Patrick Stewart ( true) Sharon and Claire ( Susan Sarenden and Geena Davis (Thelma and Louise… erm possibly if Claire and Sharon agree!)
Martin on drums .. ( Keith Moon dug up! defo true)and Tim on bass.. only Tim could be Tim!!)
So imagine those misfits.. yep The Jamestown Brothers!!

 What do you love about live shows? 

The pay off for all the hard graft!! The buzz, the adrenaline, the sweat ,the audience ..the music blasting out.. bringing the songs and music to life.. the band friendship and experience together… it’s the big ‘hit’….I could go on… 
 If you could change anything about the music industry, what would it be? 

I think like the modelling world it’s a tough unforgiving place to most except the chosen few, with the big companies concentrating on financial gain and the next big thing.. there’s not much put back into aspiring artists venues events  etc from such a massive money making industry that can pick you up chew you up and spit you out… so less greed and more grass roots passion and investment 
and please …a ban on tribute acts!! Oops did I say that!!
 And what are your top 5 items you must have at each show? 

At least 5 instruments! 



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