New faces, new places and a wealth of new music to hit the airwaves, Defaced are ready to unleash their fury on anyone willing to listen, and if you are not, then you are going to hear it a anyway. They have been working away behind the scenes for months now but it has now come the time to share with the world what they have been up to.  It is my absolute pleasure to introduce to you . . .  DEFACED! 

First up, can you introduce each member as a character from Disney?

First up, our Singer Curtis, he’s gotta be Mad Hatter, He’s a bit mental.

Our guitarist Chris is like Mike Wazowski, natural joker and funny guy in the band.

Our other Guitarist Jon is like Jack skeleton because in his own words, he’s a skinny bastard.

Our Bassist Rob is like Kronk, use your imagination.

and finally our Drummer Lee is like Sully, a gentle giant, I think Lee and Chris should show up for the casting call of the Live action Monsters Inc, they’d be perfect.

How did life as a band begin for you guys?

Recently, but also not. The live 5 piece version of Defaced is really new thing, we’ve been working really hard to get live shows under our belt, but Defaced started 3 years ago as Curtis’s Solo project, he released 2 EPs and a single ‘Met your match’ in this format.

How would you describe your music to fresh ears?

It’s a melting pot of Hardcore punk, Metal and Hip hop in terms of its sound, lyrically it challenges some personal as well as world issues but also tells a story.

What are your plans moving forward?

Our goal is to get playing as many live shows as we can to expose who we are to as many new people as possible, alongside this we want to start recording and releasing new music at the end of 2019 and into 2020.

If Defaced featured in a super hero movie, what kind of characters would you end up being?

Probably the Hulks better looking cousin or something, we’re pretty angry and your face but also pretty laid back approachable people too, i think that description fits well with the sort of Dr Jackal/ Mr Hyde vibe the Hulk gives off.

If you could have a famous guest musician in the band for one night only, who would it be?

The list in endless honestly but if it had to be one it would have to be a completely unique and far out experience, maybe Bowie? Seeing Bowie play one of our songs would be Insane.

You recently posted a video as a sort of introduction to the band. What was the idea behind that?

We wanted to encapsulate a number of ideas and themes in once place, obviously with the name Defaced and the sometimes socially challenging topics of our songs we wanted to make a video that both reflected that and also introduced the full band as a 5 piece as until the release of that video Defaced had been known as a solo project to the public. I t was basically a show piece to demonstrate to people that a new chapter had started and that this is how that new chapter is going to look.


If you were offered your own reality tv series, who do you think would get you in to trouble first and why?

Chris, definitely, he’s the king of taking nothing serious ever and he’s definitely the class clown of the band, he’d no doubt do something ridiculous before long and get himself in trouble or hurt in some way.

Is the Jaffa cake a biscuit or a cake?

A cake, a biscuit is crunchy. Also, cake is in the title. A Jaffa cake just happens to be the size and shape of a biscuit. I’m taking this far too seriously, ill stop now.

Top 5 reasons to listen to Defaced?

We write songs that make you want to move, whether you wanna Jump up and down, start a mosh pit, whatever, nobody stands still when they hear us.

We like you listening to us, be pretty pointless otherwise wouldn’t it really.

We’re doing something fresh and generally hard to find in the UK.

We’re really good looking (this is a total and complete lie).

Our songs make you sit up and listen and have strong messages that I’m sure many people will relate to deeply, give it a chance and tell me I’m wrong.



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    • Paula Jones on June 5, 2019 at 2:05 PM
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    Hey well done DEFACED good luck for the future. You will go far

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