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Zaranis is one of the most exciting young musicians out there right now. Fact. Over the last year I have gotten to know someone who is creative, intelligent and brave, a musician who knows exactly what he wants. Zaranis doesn’t shy away from the tough subjects and will happily have an articulate conversation about the world we live in. This is a young voice which should be heard and respected. So have a read, get to know Zaranis and have a listen to his music, it is definitely worth your time. He is also playing at Glastonbury Calling in four weeks time, make sure you catch his set. 

So tell me, what have you been up to lately, are you working on any new music? 

Honestly I’ve been doing a whole load of nothing which is also scattered with lots of little things. Been doing some music (rarely), working on youtube videos and just trying to relax a little bit. Been eating a whole load of good food and been really into this artist I’ve found called Jimothy Lacoste, honestly check out his videos, he has one called ‘Fashion’ and ‘I Can Speak Spanish’, they are in constant rotation recently. I am also trying to mix some new music that I made ages ago to release but i’m in no rush. Oh and working with my guy YOUNG $UARU$, he is the next top guy.
It isn’t long now until Glastonbury Calling. How do you prepare for such events? What do you hope to gain from the experience?

I am overly prepared this time round although I have learnt not to over hype things or expect something great or bad, just the mentality of “ill do my best and see what happens” is what I am trying to stick to. Been going over it a few times and learning lyrics as well as speaking with my special guests and getting them ready. In terms of what I want from it is honestly simple, just a good time, I am so done with trying to be a huge musician, ultimately I got into this because I loved it, I became obsessed with becoming successful and ruined it for me, constant burnout and even today the same love isn’t back BUT it comes back when I perform. I just look at it different now, its not a career, its a thing I do that is fun to do and that is how it should be, my career is yet to be defined but it could have something to do with music, probably behind the scenes but right now I don’t want to see it that way, especially as a musician, the public attention terrifies me. its just fun.
Is there anyone on the line up you would quite like to collaborate with?
I have to be completely honest, I don’t really know much of the line up, i’m sure most of them don’t know me either so hopefully that doesn’t offend anyone, I’m just out of the loop. I know of Shoto Daito? I think it is. I met one of there partners through some activism and what I heard of theirs is pretty good so yeah I would probably like to get in with those guys sometime, I have recently gone off rap collaborations and just wanna make music of all kinds and with different people, learn there process and add myself into it. 
You are quite vocal about your struggles with mental health. Do you feel it has helped you by talking openly about it? 
I couldn’t say to be honest, I could probably tell you when i’m on the other side of it. Recently its very inconsistent day to day so i’m not in a particularly bad or good space in general, just unstable kind of. But I suggest that people be honest, don’t say you are alright just because it feels awkward because it shouldn’t, it’s ok to feel pain, my favourite artists are those you can feel like you are in the dark with and feel less lonely, I always took that approach when creating.
When you are having a bad day what do you find helps you?
it is one of those things that kind of takes different things to help with depending on the situation at hand. I normally speak with my dad and brother, ultimately they are my best friends and they know me and understand how to help the most, even some of my friends like Aoife (which I’m gassed I spelt right first go). I recommend that others find that connection.
So veganism, where did it start and why?
like 3 years almost. when asked this question I kind of just go to what the definition is. Living life with as little animal exploitation as possible. you know we all want that really, we all feel this way so I wanted to act on it and I realised it was kind of easy. We have so much resources now and can get so many alternatives, I couldn’t find an excuse that justified the death of an animal so had to do it. 
Do you think the world could survive if nobody ate meat again?
100% its a gradual process. I could sit and tell you why in detail but it would drag. it balls down to knowledge, if the world were aware of what happens, how animals don’t need to be killed for food, how easy it is to be vegan and the general affects it can have then it would be fairly simple. 
I suggest to check out Gary Yourofsky, Joey Carbstrong and Earthling Ed. Those guys live for it and could show you it better than me. 
What are your plans for the next year? 
No idea. Trying to sort therapy and stuff as well as just living life a bit, I contacted and applied for way more gigs than usual for this year and nobody got back to me so I kind of see it as more motive to just chill out, this is the first year I am not taking music as a career path and just an enjoyment one so I do hope to do gigs and would love some bookings, I won’t stress about it though, or get caught up on releasing music, it will happen in time. The future scares me but it is going to be great, I am sure.
What changes would you like to see in the world? 
SOOOO many. But lets settle for a better government and a vegan world. OH and a new King Krule album.
and lastly … if you had the power to choose any to run the country, who would it be?
I always wanted Tony Benn. And I believe Jeremy Corbyn is bringing on that same message, It would be cool to see a country under him, I watched him speak a few times in person and he has a lot of heart, the guy cares. I remember my parents being on food banks, the stress they both went through and growing up made me realise how easy that can be changed on the government end, the same with the NHS etc, its kind of exciting.

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