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Heading to Godney Gathering this Summer are super cool pop punk outfit The Bottom Line.  With some new music on the horizon which promises to be their best yet and a hectic festival season ahead of them, there really is no better time to be a fan. But what we really want to know is, which Avenger do they think they are, who is the biggest liability of the band and whether they are truly prepared for the sheer volume of cider at Godney Gathering? Well you can find out here . . . 
It seems like you have a busy year ahead of you! What will help you get through it? What are you most looking forward to? 
This year and last has been a super tough one for us. We’ve had SO much going on behind the scenes but not being allowed to talk about it has made everything super frustrating and makes it seem to our fans that we’re not up to anything. But we’re now coming into our new album Cycle which is soon to be announced and we cannot WAIT to get this music out. It’s been a long time coming and we have never been more proud of the music we have made in the last 2 years, we cant wait to show our Fans! 
You will be heading to Godney Gathering in July. Are you prepared for the cider in take? 

We cant wait, This is our first ever show in the Glastonbury area so very excited to see what its all about! Cider is a given for us at any UK Festival so i want to say we’re absolutely ready but maybe i’ll be kicking myself for saying this at the end of GG. 


How will you leave a lasting impression on us Somerset folk? 
We always put 110% into our live shows, always have and always will. We really try our best to cater for as wider audience as possible and plan to do so for Godney Gathering this year. As long as we finish our set making sure everyone has had a good time that’s all that matters! 
What would you say in your time as a band has been a particular highlight? Anyone you’ve met along the way you’ve been star stuck about?
In 2017 we did a 71 date world tour across China, UK, Europe, America & Canada and that was one of the most insane and ridiculous things we’ve ever done as a band. I still cant believe while typing this that we actually did it. Part of that tour was alongside “The Offspring” In Europe, we played an ice hockey arena in Prague to 7,000 People. It was absolutely incredible and one of the biggest shows we’ve ever played in our career so far! 
If you could describe each of you as a character from The Avenger, who would you be?

Honestly, I think that’s the one movie i have never watched but I’ve seen many ad’s & Trailers on it so here is my best shot. Prepare yourself for the worst description of Avenger characters you’ve EVER heard.

Tom for sure is the Hulk. I know that one. He’s just god damn huge. 

I (cal) would be the dude with the bow & Arrow (Does he have a bow & arrow? We’ll never know. I certainly don’t) just cause i think he looks badass and I did archery once as a child. 

Matt would be Iron Man, He loves putting lights on everything. His car is like Tony Stark’s house so that makes sense

Max is captain America simply for the fact i know he looks the best in Lycra out of all 4 of us.


Pop punk has been under a lot of scrutiny over the past few years because of misconduct. What are your thoughts on all the goings on?

We’re very aware of everything that is going on and are always watching it. Its such a touchy subject but I hate how its been happening more and more in the rock scene than a lot of other places lately. There is a growing audience of young individuals who are coming to more and more shows, We as a band try and do anything and everything in our power to try and encourage that and I think any bands who try and abuse that power don’t belong in our scene. 

If you were offered a member of Blink 182 to join you guys, which one would you choose?

I’d definitely Say Hoppus. His writing techniques and styles have always brushed off on us and I think having being able to collab with him on a regular basis would be awesome. That and we also don’t need 2 drummers. 

Which one of you is most likely to be left behind whilst on tour? Who would be most likely to get you in to trouble?
Max every time. I don’t even need to check back with the other guys to answer this one. Last time we played London last month he got out the van in traffic to pee, and he didn’t make it back, We found him at the venue 45 minutes later as he had to get a tube because the van left without him. 
Unlimited budget, The Bottom Line Festival … what would happen and who would be there? 

That one is TOUGH!

for me id say the following:
Foo Fighters, Green Day, Sum 41, All Time Low, Simple Plan, Good Charlotte and of course The Bottom Line (somewhere in the mix)
Top 5 things you have to have with you on tour?
1) We have a life-size cardboard cutout of our friend “Ches”that comes to every single show. This is no joke and for some reason this joke has become the most important and vital part of any show/tour.
2) LOTS of bedding. We often sleep in Vans/peoples floors/couches/6 people in a 2 person hotel room so as much bedding as we can possibly fit in our van to make sure we have a comfortable time while away.
3) Our AWESOME Crew. they don’t ever get enough credit from us but we would truly be a complete disaster without them. Rob our tour manager & Martyn our FOH Guy. Those guys make our show run like clockwork every night and completely help make a Bottom Line show what they are.
4) LOADS OF PHONE CHARGING CABLES – I dunno why but they just disappear daily. If you think you have brought enough with you, you absolutely have not.
5) Headphones. Sometimes the van gets incredible stressful when there’s 8 people crammed in there all singing the Vengaboys at 2am. you just need to zone out sometimes. so LOUD Headphones are preferred. 
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