Interview: Stevie & The Masquerades

I first saw Stevie & The Masquerades play live in August of last year at a show in Bridgwater. That night they managed to turn a group of Glastonbury Calling organisers in to fans for life. Without a doubt, all of us wanted to book them on the spot. Turns out, Ian had already thought of it.  Now here we are with only a few short weeks away from this year’s event and a buzz in the air that this band will be playing. So make sure you head over to Tor Leisure, check out these rising stars. You will not regret it! 

It has been a very busy year for you with two EP releases and a number of
cracking gigs. How has it been for you? What was your highlight?

[STEVIE] Thank you! Yeh last year was a really great year for the band, releasing ‘Now Is
All We Have’ and travelling to new places. One of the biggest highlights for me last year
was the support we received from our family, friends and audiences. It’s always a great
feeling when someone you’ve never met gives positive feedback and wants to know more
about the band and what we’re about. I’m grateful for everyone who comes to our shows
and the continuous support.

[MATT] Thanks so much. For me the highlight of what we do is always seeing how people
have reacted and connected emotionally to our music or specific lyrics. It’s really unifying.
We’ve had people that have travelled out really far to a show after hearing us online.
They’re the biggest compliments we receive, and I’m always surprised and humbled by it.

You played solo stuff before the duo. What is it like to be playing as part of a team

[STEVIE] I still play solo gigs now which is cool but I really enjoy working as a duo with
Matt as we bounce off each other on & off of stage, plus he’s okay.

[MATT] She’s alright I suppose.

You’ve played a couple of shows with the Last One Home boys. Are there any
collaborations on the horizon? And how do you think they keep Tom in line 😉 haha

[MATT] Ha! With a firm left hook I imagine. I heard a rumour that Matt from the
Masquerades is producing their debut album, out this year. Just a rumour though.

[STEVIE] I also heard that rumour.

Glastonbury Calling is coming up. I remember the first time I ever saw you play, as
soon as you played the first song I turned to Ian and said you need to book them.
He said I am one step ahead of you. You impressed the whole room that night. Can
you tell when an audience has that vibe? What has the other feedback been like for

[MATT] Thanks that’s really cool of you. It’s often pretty bright and smokey on stage, so it’s
not always easy to tell, but in between songs we get a better idea. I’m always really taken
aback by how lovely everyone is after a show and getting to meet them at the merch
stand, it means a lot to us.

What can we expect from your set at Glastonbury Calling? Will there be any new

[STEVIE] We’ve got some big plans for this year which we can’t wait to release, a new
track from the EP, and we’ve given our production an overhaul. We’re really looking
forward to playing for Ian again for Glastonbury Calling this year, don’t miss it!


What are the future plans for the band looking like? Will you be looking to release a
full length album? Have you got anything coming up you can tell us about?

[STEVIE] It’s been really nice hearing people asking for a full album, and we’re currently in
the writing stage of some brand new music, so we’ll see where that leads us. We’re proud
of what we have achieved so far and where this year’s taken us, so now we’re looking at
labels and management.

[MATT] The way that our generation experiences music has changed so much with the
takeover of streaming, so being able to regularly digitally release music and be present is
even more important. Writing an album is something we’re definitely looking at for the
future, but we’re enjoying putting out singles and being able to switch up our concepts.
We’ve got some exciting news coming up soon, but we’re not letting that out just yet.

Both you and Matt play multiple instruments on stage. How do you even manage
that? Are there any instruments you would like to learn?

[STEVIE] It was all new to me having to learn how to switch between instruments as it’s
only ever been me and my guitar. I’d like to learn the saxophone. I’ve got Lisa Simpson to
thank for that.

[MATT] It’s probably the thing we’ve spent the most time streamlining, and it was initially
out of necessity because of how layered our writing was when we developed the live show
from our first EP in the studio, but it’s kind of become part of our sound and aesthetic now
as a band, and I think people like that. We play with a lot of samplers and patches, a lot of
thought goes into it.
I’d like to be more versatile on the piano, and I’ve been eyeing up the cello for a few years
now. The saxophone, but Stevie already stole that. Anything sexy basically. You’ll never
catch me with a penny whistle.

For people who haven’t seen you play before how would you describe the band?

[STEVIE] Atmospheric, energetic, moody.

[MATT] One of your five a day. A spiritual journey. I’m joking.

If you were to describe you and Matt as a Disney Character who would you be?

[STEVIE] Elsa from Frozen as we have similar hair and she’s sparkly.. I’ve actually had a
couple children ask if I were Elsa before which was really sweet. I wish one day to have a
Snowman friend. Matt will do for now.

[MATT] That main dog from Oliver & Company who rides on the tops of cars and moving
industrial pipes singing with shades on like it was nothing. The other guy I’m thinking of is
from a Dreamworks film, but I’m going to mention him anyway because everyone says I
look like him. Linguini from Ratatouille.

Top 5 things you have to have with you for a show?

[STEVIE] A hair tie, flat shoes for gig load in (I learnt that carrying heavy gear in heels is
surprisingly hard!), stage make up, my phone, and I would say deodorant but I steal Matt’s!

[MATT] Black Doc Martins, Dutch courage, deodorant, hair wax, and spare Vic Firth 5A
drums sticks.


Tickets for Glastonbury Calling are available from or you can pick some up from The Venue – Wells, Tourist Information in Glastonbury or Insane Games in Street. 



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