This weekend will see Howlfest take over The Exchange in Bristol in spectacular style with a whole host of brilliant bands. [Spunge] are one of those bands and legends in their own right. I caught up with lead singer Alex to talk about beer, Howlfest and of course . . .  beer. 

First up, how are the preparations coming along for Howlfest?

All good, we’ve played some songs and drank some beers so I think we’re ready for it 😉

Seriously though, it’s great to be invited so we’re looking forward to it…


For those who haven’t seen you before, why should people make sure they are around for your set at Howlfest?

We’re there to enjoy ourselves, and that’s been the way for 25 years plus now… shit… 25 years… and still having a laugh… that’s got to be worth a watch just to see what that looks like surely?


What is it like to hear people talk about how positively you have made an impact on their life through music?

Humbling. We are a bunch of idiots that just enjoy what we do so when it has an impact on someone it makes us realise it isn’t just us sat in a practice room, it’s become more than that. And that’s awesome.


You have been performing as a band for over 25 years now. What advice would you get to new bands just starting out?

Be friends first, and a band second. Or you may not last 25 years.


Have you had any moments over those years where you wondered how you managed not to get arrested?

Yes. And some where I have. Next question.


Bands these days seem to break up after a 5/6 year span. What has made you continue on?

Sheer stubbornness. And free beer.


What was it like adapting to the change in the industry when social media started to take over?

Social media? What’s that? Have you seen my boombox  anywhere, I think I left it on my break dancing  mat.


Do you actually like marmite? There is a marmite flavoured Easter egg now!

Yes I do… but it is funny to feed it Americans as they really don’t know how to react to it lol


If you were asked to send a song to the new inhabitants on Mars, which would it be?

Kicking Pigeons so that they didn’t invade as they would think that was our main torture method for aliens.


What are your top 5 touring essentials?





A way of getting there

Can I have a 6th ?




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