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This International Women’s Day will see Kate Gough, Louise Distras and Slackrr come together to raise awareness and funds for period poverty. It is often a subject we avoid talking about but actually it really is important. Women all over the World don’t have access to basic sanitary products, this has to change. 
I caught up with Slackrr to see what they know about this issue, the reaction to their latest Ep and what is next for the band. 
How does it feel to finally be getting the EP out there? What can we expect from it?
It’s an awesome feeling to get the EP out. We’ve released 3 of the tracks from “I know” as singles 2 with music videos so it was really cool to be able to put them all together with some unreleased tracks and have a physical CD for people as we’ve been asked for ages when they can get a physical copy.
I’d like to think you can expect some big sing along songs with an upbeat and energetic melodic punk style. There are some strong and meaningful messages in the songs that everyone can relate to…or at least we hope or would like to think.
You seem to have had a busy few months. You have a few shows coming up including the Punk Rocks Period. What can you tell us about the event?
We’ve only been a band just over a year and 2018 was absolutely crazy busy which we are so thankful and happy about. From releasing the first single, being played on BBC Radio five times, Mike James Radio Show, being featured in magazines and being on the road loads. We did around 100 shows last year including festivals and we’ve recorded the EP and Debut album… we did more than we ever expected and we’re so so humbled and thankful.
Punk rock period is going to be a important show with a great line up at a great venue. We’re playing alongside the awesome and lovely Louise Distras again as well as Kate Gough. It’s for International Woman’s Day and is more important than ever right now to raise awareness of topics such as period poverty.
Were you aware before this how bad the situation is with period poverty?
We were always aware there was a problem we all have friends, mothers and relatives who this affects but the degree it’s now reached is just appalling. I actually read an article the other day about how many young women are missing school because they cannot afford the prices of sanitary products. There were even cases of having to wrap a sock around there underwear until they got home because they can’t afford these essentials. Something has to be done. Food bank dependency increased massively last year now if people can’t afford food how can they afford how can you be expected to afford menstrual products at these prices??  
Do you think us as a society can do more to prevent these kinds of things from happening? 
I think speaking out about this problem and bringing it to public attention is a must.In my humble and personal opinion we need to change peoples  approach to the subject instead of this archaic view that it’s a “woman” problem there for a taboo subject it needs to be addressed as the poverty problem it is. 
If you could perform with anyone in the next year who would you want it to be?
Mostly Slackrr as Cait and Connor are my friends…haha. I think we’d all have a different answer for this so it’s really hard to say…I mean if Dave Grohl calls up and was like “hey guys, look we need a favour I know i’m in the biggest band in the world right now but can we open for you?” I’d be like “sure Dave no worries…what’s your bands name again?”
In all seriousness it’s so hard to pick but for me personally I think playing with The Police would be pretty rad.
What are your thoughts on the music scene right now? 
Thank god it’s still there! I mean it’s real tough out there at the moment. We just had independent venue week which is great because that draws people back into the “grass root” independent venues but it’s about people coming out to support bands and live music instead of sitting in watching Netflix. The punk community has always been great for supporting bands and I don’t mean to sound all negative cos we’re so lucky to be part of that scene but people don’t like to socialize it seems right now. If that continues and you stop going out to support bands especially if you like them but just think “i’ll see them next time” there may not be a next time because venues will close bands will have nowhere to play and then we’ll all be really really sorry.  
Would you be willing to chop off the locks for charity? 
That’s a very good question actually. The reason I started growing my hair out which was before the band had even started was in 2016. My Mum got diagnosed with a rare form of Cancer. She was going (and Did) have to go through 2 lots of intense chemotherapy one in October 2016 then again in March 2017. She was told she would lose her hair and it may never grow back (which didn’t happen from the first hospital treatment, she has amazing thick hair) but did during the 2nd hospital treatment. So I was at a loss as anyone who’s been in that situation will tell you. You feel totally useless so i figured my hair is pretty similar to hers so I just started growing it. Was kinda the only thing i could do apart from be there for her. So I grew it out with the intention to cut it all off to send it off and have a wig made for her. L
uckily (for her not me) she went into remission and her hair grew back and she’s doing well. So I kinda just keep it long in case the cancer comes back and it’s needed. I guess it sounds shallow as it’s just hair but when you’re in that situation fighting cancer little things like that can just make your day easier. 
So now I’ve bummed everyone out that’s the story of my hair haha
and lastly … The Bodyguard or Killing Eve?
Don’t watch TV go to gigs, meet people, make friends and have fun 😉
Tickets for Punk Rocks . . .  Period can be purchased by clicking here. 

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