Interview: Shoto – Daito

In the past year the local music scene has witnessed a resurgence in diverse and interesting acts, people pushing the boundaries, rising among the ashes of a struggling industry. It is a pleasant feeling know that there are still people out there living and breathing their passion, not letting anyone get in their way and making music they are truly proud of. A lot of these artists can be listened to at this year’s Glastonbury Calling, including the fantastic Shoto – Daito. One of my favourite discoveries of 2018, they are a fantastic live act. I of course had to make sure I grilled them before the weekend to find out what is on the horizon, Liam’s dance moves and how Martin feels about being cool …  

I hope your rehearsals are going well. Glastonbury Calling is almost upon us, how are you feeling about it? Are you ready?

Hi Georgie! Rehearsals have been going great and the excitement (and nerves) are really starting to kick in now. We feel lucky that we’re able to play such a cool festival and we’ve been working really hard in preparation for it. We love a good dot to dot festival.

Any surprises up your sleeve for the day?

We have been working on some new stuff recently and we will be debuting it on Saturday, we think it’s some of our best material yet.

Will Liam be providing any new dance moves on stage? We’ve learnt he is quite the mover.

 The other guys used to think I was being electrocuted by my kit.

 How long did it take you to get Liam to pronounce Shoto Daito properly?

We’ll tell you when it happens!


When you are building a show, where does it begin? How do you bring it together?

Until recently the sets have pretty much built themselves, but we’ve finished a whole new batch of songs and we are now having to make difficult decisions about what to keep, what to drop and what order we play them in. That’s exactly where you want to be as artists and we actually really enjoy those discussions.

What are the future plans for Shoto?

We are writing & recording at the moment so we hope to have some new releases ready soon, plus some gig announcements on the horizon. 

If you could describe each of you as a character from Star Wars, who would each of you be? 

Martin: Chewie (or Jabba on a good day!)
Ben: R2D2 (for a number of reasons) or an Ewok
Liam: Wedge Antilles

Ben … how will you celebrate winning the premier league?  

 I dread to think what would happen if Liverpool won the league. Last time they won the league my wife was 5!!

Martin … how does it feel to be the coolest member of the band? 

The struggle is real. Sometimes I lay awake at night wishing it didn’t have to be me….but it does. Only joking….although the bassist is either the coolest member of the band or at the complete opposite end of the spectrum….I suppose it just depends on who else is in the band….

If shoto music was used for a movie soundtrack, what kind of film do you think it would be?

We would probably have to say some sort of space opera or neo-noir cyberpunk thriller…or perhaps even a David Lynch film.

How hard is it to set up the machine Liam uses?

Nobody fully knows. You need a masters degree just to find the power switch.

Everyone knows I love a bit of merch, any t shirts on the horizon?

There are plans coming together but we haven’t got anything ready quite yet. We’re still a relatively new band and we’ve put all our energy into writing and rehearsing, we just haven’t got around to it yet ….

Top 5 reasons to watch you guys play at Glastonbury Calling.

1.We think we have a pretty good set that we’ve been dying to share with an audience
2. Our video backdrop by artist Amy Higgins is breathtaking
3. If you are at the assembly rooms to see us you’ll get to see the other bands on there as well, and they are all superb
4. Liam’s dance moves
5. Ben’s tank top



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