INTERVIEW: Samantics

Photo Credit: Rhodri Cooper Photography

Watchet Festival starts tomorrow, yes tomorrow! We at Georgie The Journo HQ are very excited but before we can head to the fields of glory, we caught up with Samantics. A guy who we recently discovered and wished it hadn’t taken that long to find him! If you are heading to Parsonage Farm this weekend then make sure you check him out! But first . . . find out what to expect! 
Not long now til Watchet Festival, how are you feeling about it?
Really excited, this is my first official booking for Watchet, I’ve played a few times before but on the open mic slots or poetry sessions so I’m well chuffed to be a named act! I might even be on the tshirt this year!! 
Do you think we could start some sort of hypno therapy with the Watchet crowd but continuously playing pop song on repeat?
I don’t want to be the person responsible for that, I’m starting of thinking of adding a health warning onto the song as it’s like a virus!


What would you like me to write on my placard when I come to watch you play?
Don’t play pop song! Or Bring Back 10p chomps! 
Have you ever considered putting together a mother’s day gift basket with a copy of
The Rock I Grew Up On?
haha, my mum is always saying it should be a song for all mums! Mothers day merch could work though! What else would go in the basket though?! Don’t think many mums would like the rest of the songs!!
If you actually met Eminem what would you say to him?
Please don’t sue me… Also, do you need a support act? And, can you play a banjo?
Have you considered writing a Watchet Festival rap and can I add in some lyrics?
Haha, I’ve actually written a few festival specific songs in the past to help promote them, given how busy things are at the moment though, I’d be happy for you to write the whole thing if you want!! 
If you had an unlimited budget and could have one in the world to feature in your video, what would it be and who would feature in it?
Maybe just Morgan Freeman speaking the words to pop song while sat in a grand arm chair… 
What is the most dangerous thing you have ever done on stage?
I once was so hot that sweat came off my head and landed in one of pedals which shorted all my stuff… luckily I wasn’t electrocuted! I also played quite a few gigs in a sling really soon after I broke my collar bone… as soon as I finished i was greeted with multiple painkillers! The audience had my back! 
Are you a hugger or a handshaker?
100% hugger. 
and lastly but most importantly . . .  if we see you at the bar, what drink are we getting you?
If it’s before the set, a larger (with a slice of lime, of course) If it’s after my set, NEAT WHISKEY!! 

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