Interview: Miss Kill

When I first watched Bristol based grunge duo Miss Kill back in September, it didn’t take long for them to convince me there was something special about them. The attitude, the fierceness, the no f*cks given and of course the sheer talent. They dare to be different and it is exciting.  Since then I have seen them announced at countless events across Somerset with the latest being Howlfest! So I took the opportunity to find out exactly what they have been up to, their future plans and of course … HOWLFEST! 

 It has been an extremely busy year for Miss Kill. What have been your favourite moments from the last 12 months?
Hello yes it has been a busy year for us. Our favorite moments from the last 12 months have been for one, recording our first ever Ep and our Ep Launch which was completely packed out. Also I the got to play an acoustic song to the band The Kooks and was told by Luke the singer that i was amazing and like a mini Kurt Cobain. Another one of our favourite moments was getting to play with the amazing Hands Off Gretel and Skating Polly. Also getting really positives reviews. 
You have a lot coming up too! Howlfest has recently been announced. Can you tell us much about this event?
We do have a lot coming up and yes we are really excited to be playing Howlfest it’s gonna be a great event and there’s some awesome bands on the lineup that we are really looking forward to be playing with such as BeefyWink who we have played with before and put on a great live show. We are huge supporters of live music and we try and get out to watch and support other bands as much as we can. 
Will you be covering your dad’s song again? Last time I saw you, you said he was too old to play it now. haha. 
Yes will be covering our dads song again we love playing it live as it’s got great energy and the crowd always seem to respond really well to it and it’s a nice tribute to our dad who does a lot for us. It’s gonna be even better when we next play it as Fliss the drummer is adding backing vocals. 
You know I am a merch lover. Will there be any new merch for us to snap up? 
We are in the process of designing new merchandise so we are really hoping it will be ready for Glastonbury Calling. 
Being a two piece works really well for you. Would you ever consider other members? 
Possibly in the future we don’t know how the band will develop but right now we are really loving just the two of us and the chemistry we have on stage is amazing and our sound is getting bigger and bigger all the time. The beauty of being a two piece is you have to think about your sound a lot more and what equipment you use to still sound huge. We’ve recently experimented a lot with amps and pedals and recently have just discovered our sound in the shape of a certain old amp and an old pedal and we now feel that there are endless possibilities. 
Being sisters, do you fight a lot? How do you manage to keep a good relationship as siblings and in the band? 
We do have some arguments but being sisters we make up very quickly. Being sisters we have some amazing experiences and it just wouldn’t be the same with anyone else and plus we are never afraid to tell each other if we have a problem or anything so therefore things get solved very quickly. 
You recently released your EP ( Which I loved btw) called Love, Loss and Rejection. What has the feedback been like?
To be honest we have been really shocked by the positive feedback on the EP we’ve had people telling us it been their favorite Ep of 2018. This Ep was cheaply recorded to showcase our first batch of songs that we wrote together and we especially were surprised how well it turned out. We are recording our first proper single in February and releasing it along with a music video. 


Where did the influence come when writing this EP? 
The influences are based on my life experiences write up to the recording. When I was at high school I was the only girl that would be swooning over Kurt Cobain and Eddie Vedder instead of the members of One Direction and Justin Bieber and I was bullied relentlessly for this. The song Pablo Escobar is my response and sticking both fingers up to all those bullies, although the song is very explicit I am very proud of it and I think it really makes it ok to be different and not like everyone else.  It’s almost the song that Lindsay Lohan’s character in Mean Girls would have wrote to all the plastics.  
If you could have a guest musician to perform with you who would it be? 
There’s several people we would love to have on stage with us but we’re gonna keep it British and go with on of our main musical influences Brian Molko of Placebo. We both feel that he is one of the best lyricists of all time and does not get the credit that he deserves he really gives people like us a voice in the mainstream. Fliss is so obsessed with Placebo I think she has collected just about every tour shirt they have made. 
and lastly … Will you ever get your dad on stage to play? 🙂 
Like we’ve always said he’s just to old now haha. 
Howlfest is on April 20th at The Exchange in Bristol. You can get your tickets by clicking here! 

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