INTERVIEW: Last One Home

They were one of my big discoveries of last year so I was over the moon to hear they were joining the Godney Gathering line up this Summer, a well deserved slot if I say so myself. They have had a busy year with much more to come over the next six months, so I have taken the opportunity to catch up with them now before they don’t want to know who I am anymore . . . 

First up, I have been teased an album, when is this happening?

All in good time! It’s well in the works, we’re taking a bit more time on it to really perfect it before we get it out to you all, it’ll be worth the wait though we promise!

It is fair to say that in the last year you have been  . . . giving us the world . . . how has it been for you? What have been your highlights?

The past year has been amazing for us! We’ve had the opportunity to play some incredible venues such as YPLAS (Cardiff Student Union) and even had our own Christmas party in Glastonbury which was great fun! We won the DrakeYolanda Shortlist Award after performing to an expert panel consisting of Gareth Malone, Matt Cardle, Yolanda Brown and more! People have loved the past few singles we’ve released, seeing them knowing the words and singing along is the highlight of any show!

You will be heading to Godney Gathering this Summer, what are you hoping to get out of the day?

Godney is going to be one of the highlights of our summer! We’re looking forward to meeting everyone there and hopefully putting on a show they won’t forget!

Will you be debuting any new music?

Yes! We will be playing songs from the upcoming album and may throw something else in the mix too!

Will you get a chance to catch anyone else on the day?

Really looking forward to catching The Bottom Line, we’re loving their single Gone at the moment so would love to hear it live! Of course, we will be at the front for The Feeling too!


It has been commented on a lot that Phil is an incredible drummer. Is there any possibility of a Phil Horler drum solo on the album?

He is indeed – it’s a special live feature! He cracks out the drum solo at a lot of our headline shows so if you want to hear it, then keep an eye out for one of them!

As many are aware, you have two big super fans in Lewis and Phil, what is it like to have that kind of support?

We’re extremely lucky to have the support we do from our fans, friends and families! We meet so many new people at every show and receive a lot of messages too and it means the world to us! We couldn’t do it without them!

What is your favourite song to perform?

I think we all love the ones with the big sounding choruses like ‘You Don’t Have To Hold On’ and ‘Give You The World’!

Will we ever get a rap crossover song?

Never say never I guess? Who knows what could happen in the next few years!

Top 5 Godney essentials.

Water – Last time it was absolutely baking!

Beer – This kind of goes without saying!

Spare Drumsticks – Phil hits the drums very hard!

Extra Picks – I (Tom) am known to drop an average of 2000 picks at a show.

More Beer – For when the first supply is depleted entirely by Harry.


You can get tickets for Godney Gathering by clicking here. 



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