INTERVIEW: Heavy Lungs

After taking a year out to recover from the madness of running a successful Festival, Farm Festival in Bruton is back with a bang. Heavy Lungs are part of this year’s stellar line up so I thought I would find out what to expect from their set, who is most likely to get them in to trouble and their connection with Idles.  

It is a busy time for you right now, festival season seems to be in full swing. How has it been for you so far?

We are very exciting to embark on our first festival season. The year so far has been good and busy. We have been focusing on writing them chart topping hits.

You are heading to Farm Festival in Bruton in July, what can the Somerset crowd expect from your set?

They can expect a live drawing of a band member of their choosing.

Why do you think Festivals like this are important to the music scene?

They are terribly important as they showcase great music in areas that otherwise perhaps wouldn’t get so many acts passing through.

What would you say has to happen in your set for you to walk away satisfied with the show?

Us being proud of our performance. Good sound wouldn’t hurt either aha


You have a close relationship with Idles, what is it about them that makes you want to collaborate?

Have you ever looked into Dev’s eyes. Hauntingly beautiful.

What are you most proud of achieving as a band?

Doing a raffle at our headline Louis show.

Which member is most likely to get you in to trouble in a radio interview?

All 4. 

What is the first think you want to do after a show?

Woah I’m sweaty.

Which member is most likely to get a Guinness World Record and what in?

James’ enchanting tap dancing.

Top 5 essentials you will have at Farm Festival?

A goose
Food for the goose.
Goose’s Best friend.
You can get tickets to this year’s Farm Festival by clicking here. 

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