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With less then two weeks to go until Howlfest in Bristol I thought it was time to catch up with some of the fantastic acts playing on the day. Bristol based alt rockers Hamartia are looking forward to playing and we can’t wait to watch them. But before all of that, get to know them a little better . . . 

 Not long now until Howlfest, how are you feeling about it? How are the preparations?

We’re absolutely buzzing! We’re actually in the works of our caption competition at the moment, we’re giving away one free ticket to Howlfest so check it out on our Facebook page! Callum’s almost done doing his hair, so we’re nearly ready to go, *laughs*.

Why should attendees come and catch your set?

Callum’s spent so long gelling his hair, he’ll be be really gutted if no one is there to witness it… nah, in all seriousness, things are starting to kick off for us, it’s our first festival appearance with our new lineup and we’ve reworked all of our material. It’s sounding pretty fresh right now and we’re really excited to show everyone the new Hamartia.

What do you think makes events like Howlfest special?

We’re super excited to work with a festival and bands that actively support equality in the music scene, as well as safe gigs for women. It’s important to us as individual as well as a band to make sure everyone is included and feels safe and comfortable in a gig environment. It’s nice to see other BIMM Bristol bands also on the bill, like our friends in IOTA. Sophie curated a special Howlfest playlist, showcasing all the bands playing on the 20th. 

What do you hope to take away from the Howlfest experience?

To make new friends and fans within the Howlfest community. We’re playing with some super talented bands that we admire, we can’t wait to make  meaningful connections, and support the ever growing music scene, Bristol has to offer.

How does it feel knowing you won your place there? It must be great to have that kind of support.

To be honest we were surprised! We were in competition with some pretty cool bands and it was super close, it could have gone anyway. The support we received was amazing, we got over 380 votes which was extremely overwhelming and encouraging. It’s nice to know that so many people wanted to see us play, we must be doing something right!

What are the future plans for the band?

We’re currently writing new music; expect to hear something a little different from us. We’ll be in and out of the studio over the next coming year. Our time at uni is coming to an end, so we’ll be spending some more time at home in Cornwall, as well as gigging more over the UK. Hopefully, you’ll be seeing us at more festivals next year.

What would be the ultimate stage you would like to perform on?

This is a hard one as there are so many iconic stages! I don’t think we can choose just one, we absolutely love The Pit stage at Reading and Leeds, Land of the Saints at Boardmasters, The Nest at Truck Festival and we’d love to play 2000trees, what a tasty lineup!

If you could describe each of you as a character from The Avengers, who would you be?

Cal would be Tony Stark (Iron Man) because he’s relaxed but always looks good. Matt- Spider-Man because he’s cute, childish and always able to make everyone laugh at his expense…. like the time he fell off of a building and twisted his ankle, he definitely wished he was spiderman- then. Sophie would be Captain Marvel, a bad ass woman that doesn’t take no shit. Rob would be the Hulk because you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.

How would you say music has helped you over the years?

It’s the driving force behind our existence, our whole lives revolve around music. Listening, writing and playing is therapeutic and helps each of us process what is going on in the world around us. Most of us have been playing music from a young age, it’s part of our identity.


What would you say is the hardest part of being in the band?

It’s hard to know if we’re doing this whole band thing right. But winning the competition to play Howlfest, shows that people see what we’re doing and what we’re doing is working.

Who would you say is most likely going to get you banned from a hotel?

Rob, 100%. He would set of the fire alarm when he’s sleepwalking, we’ve seen him do some pretty funny things.

Top 5 tips on surviving life as a band:

Communicate with each other

Take everything on the chin

Be in a band with people who you can rely on

Make sure you have a car and someone that likes driving

Enjoy what you do!



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