INTERVIEW: Gaz Brookfield

With a brand new album on it’s way to us and a hectic festival season fast approaching, I thought it was best to catch South West legend Gaz Brookfield before the chaos. Joining a stellar line up and some of his good friends, Gaz will be heading to Watchet Festival this August. Here is what he had to say about it . . . 

First up, how is album #6 coming along?

It’s ticking along nicely thanks. Studio time is always a bit odd. Locking yourself away in a dark room for weeks, and hoping that the end result is something that people actually like is always a bit of an unknown, but I’m enjoying it never the less.

 When can we expect it to be released?

All things being equal, it will come out at the start of my autumn tour.

You have been announced at Watchet Festival this Summer, what is it about the Festival that made you want to play there?

Watchet was one the first festivals I ever played, so it’s always lovely to be invited back. It has a great vibe, and Mark and Jackie are the best!

A lot of your friends will also be heading down to Watchet to play. Can we expect any of you to share the stage at all?

I can’t tell you that! It would ruin the surprise.

The Folk scene seems to be a very supportive community. How does being a part of this make you feel? What have been some of your favourite stage moments?

Am I part of the folk scene? First I’ve heard of it 😉

My favourite stage moments are the times when I stand on the same spot that my heroes once stood. When my band and I played The Bierkeller, Bristol, (RIP), I had a bit of a moment when I stood on the spot where Kurt Kobain stood.


Have you ever done anything on stage which almost cost you a limb?

This is a macabre question. No, has anyone!?

Apart from performing, what is your favourite aspect of events such as Watchet?

The best thing about festivals is the feeling of being surrounded by like minded people. Being able to pretend, even if just for a few days, that the world isn’t actually all that bad, and we can all get along, sing songs, drink beer, and enjoy ourselves without the pressures of modern life weighing us down. 

Do you have any secret hobbies that you like to get involved in when you aren’t touring?

It’s no secret that I enjoy a good long barrow, or hill fort.

There must have been moments in your career where you wondered why you are doing what you are doing. What encouraged you to carry on?

My wife. I’d literally be nothing and nowhere without her.

Top 5 items we will find you with at Watchet?





Turn of the century oil painting of a duck. 


Tickets are available by clicking here. 


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