INTERVIEW: Fey Militia

Photo Credit: Russ J Finch

It is less than 13 days until thousands of people descend upon the field of Watchet Festival to listen and watch some incredible musicians over a fun filled three days. One of the fantastic bands you simply must check out are alt rockers Fey Militia. As always I took the opportunity to catch up with them before the weekend to see what we can expect from their set and more! 

First up, on a scale of one to ten, how outrageous are you going to make your set at Watchet?

Molly: At least 2.3

Ollie: Gonna go with 18.

Owain: 14.5

Luke: On a scale of “1” to ” Militia”, its gonna be “Fey”.

Why do you think the people of Watchet Festival should come and catch your set?

Molly: It’s a toss up between Owain’s bass face and the possibility that I’ll fall over.

Ollie: We’ll be taking requests as long as it’s one of the songs in our set.

Owain: Fun game of ‘guess the genre’ where there’s no right answer and the prize is a bass face and a glass of red.

Luke: You don’t just want to see our set, you NEED to see it. Or, WE need you to because our dancing is bad and we need people who dance better/worse to cover it up.

How much wine do you think Molly could realistically consume over the Watchet weekend?

Molly: Realistic drinks order: at least one box

Ollie: Between one and two vineyards.  

Owain: Thanks but it’s a little late to ship that amount at this point.

Luke: I dunno but I hope she shares it!

Have you ever considered a concept video where the band recruit members to the Fey Militia cult which just turns out to be a huge camp for people who like disco? Just an idea 😉

Molly: Video? We’re halfway to a full on Fight Club house

Ollie: Have you been reading our promo plans?

Owain: If we get bunk beds I’m game.

Luke: Cult? Who said anything about a cult? We would never try and do something like that…

You released a tape version of your EP Mabel, are there any other retro items you will bring back to add the Fey Militia stamp on?

Molly: Personally, I want a pink and purple 50s diner that’s only open between 3am and 6am.

Ollie: Fey space hopper.

Owain: Fey Militia tea set where each piece is a member. Just kidding. Probably more tapes.

Luke: Neon pink Pennyfarthing anyone?


If the band were given the option to create their own Netflix series, what do you think it would be about?

Molly: A drugs cartel that isn’t very good or it would be about a chip that falls out of a drunk girls takeaway box and has to get back to his friends after she falls asleep on the sofa to help them escape the dreaded fate of being breakfast the next day. The antagonist is a seagull.

Ollie: A public safety film for crossing the road in Bristol and not being run over by a penny farthing.

Owain: A Louis Theroux style doc about the inner workings of Strensham services.

Luke: A line by line recreation of every episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia but starring us and our friends. Dibs on Danny DeVito’s character!

What are your plans once the Summer is out of the way?

Molly: I heard a rumour there was a new track or two? Not entirely sure, just something I heard.

Ollie: Lots of jumpers.

Owain: Maybe some more tunes – Watchet this space!!

Luke: I will be doing exactly what I was doing before summer. Maybe also release some new music…

Many bands seem to support important causes, which causes do you guys feel closest to?

Molly: Massive advocates for mental health and LGBTQ+ rights. The climate crisis is also pretty high up there.

Ollie: Climate crisis, mental health, and LGBTQ+ rights.  

Owain: Mental health awareness and LGBTQ+ rights.

Luke: We are proud advocates of mental health and wellbeing and LGBTQ+ rights.

If you had to describe your music to someone who had landed here from Mars, how would you explain it to them?

Molly: It’s like Blondie but when they were still using weird things like fish bowls as props and no one really wanted to listen to them much.

Ollie: A cosmic collision of indie, pop, noise, and jazz.

Owain: Like if you trained an AI to write 80’s pop from a random selection of influences. Trust me, it works!

Luke: Like a bunch of emotional 20-somethings with short attention spans refused to compromise and insisted on taking elements of all their favourite bands and genres and fused them together to make an ambiguous but ultimately wildly entertaining sonic experience.

Top 5 things you will have with you at Watchet?

Molly: More like what will I forget. Previously I have forgotten socks, a tent, a sleeping bag, wellies, and a toothbrush. However, I always have too much makeup, too many dresses, instant food that I have no way of cooking, old train tickets, and a camera.

Ollie: My three band buds/best mates, coffee, and a change of clothes.

Owain: The boys, a couple of cold ones, a lot of eyeliner, florals and probably an instrument or two.

Luke: I’m planning a Bear Grylls-style experience of the festival, so I will be bringing nothing and surviving off the land and festival goers’ discarded food and drinks. Maybe I’ll bring my instrument.


Make sure you catch their set at Watchet Festival! 




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