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They have been in the business longer than I have been alive but Dreadzone show no signs of slowing down as their Festival Season begins to heat up. One of the many shows they are playing this summer is the mighty Godney Gathering which they promise to leave your legs tingling after a monster dance session to their set. I caught up with Greg to ask about the Thursday sessions, their secret to a long career and who they would invite to a Dreadzone comedy show. 

You guys have been doing this a long time now, what would you say has been the key to your longevity?

A few things ,we were never really huge to begin with, plus we have been able to re invent ourselves over the years and have the desire to keep writing and making music that feels fresh and relevant . We also come from a live tradition so that is a strong foundation, this year marks the 35th year of myself and Leo playing together as a rhythm section. Friendship plays a big part and the ability to overcome ego and division.

You seem to have a busy year ahead including Godney Gathering. Why is it important we keep supporting                                                          these independent events?                                                                  

These events are the essence of festival culture, we have played small independent events in the past that have grown into really big festivals. We love bringing the Dread vibe to the people so that the UK festival scene stays vibrant. 

What do you hope the crowds of Godney Gathering will walk away saying after your set?     

Where can we go to see them again , lets book tickets now ,ow my legs are tired from dancing. wow that drummer is handsome.

                                          Will you be par taking in any cider based fun at Godney Gathering?                                        

 I am more of a wine drinker myself so probably not but now you mention it I will try to seek out and taste a little.


What’s the idea behind Greg’s Thursday night sessions?

It grew from doing a Facebook live broadcast on the release date of Dread Times at a show during a warmup DJ set , then I started doing updates from home and that grew into music, chat and more with a nice Thursday night vibe. I play a lot of Dread related stuff and just make it a good place to tune into away from the digital mayhem of social media. 

If you had the chance to make a Dreadzone comedy show. What would happen and who would you have as guests?

It could only be stand ups really -some one liner stuff from Gary Delaney and Milton Jones and if i could have anyone i want ?? then Bill Burr, Jim Jeffries, Dave Chappelle and to be really outrageous Louis CK is still my favourite. Sorry but I do take my comedy seriously..

What made you decide to start up your own label?

Having the chance to partner up with our management thus having more control over what we do , it has been really the most effective way to navigate the stormy years of downloads, streaming, declining CD sales and obviously at the moment the re surgence of vinyl . Its a natural progression after all this time in the business.

                                    What have been some of your favourite moments throughout your career?                                    

Wow so many – Second Light album release on Virgin,  BAD reunion tour 2011 , meeting David Bowie, Dread Times going top 40, BAD tour with U2 in the 80s, Doing Knebworth with Oasis, Coachella , Lollapalooza ,Glastonbury, Top of the Pops with both bands, working on music with my son. Just making a living in music is a blessing.

And lastly . . . what are your top 5 essentials items whilst on tour?

Cannabis, Coffee, I Phone, Headphones + my inhaler


Tickets for Godney Gathering are available by clicking here. 



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