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Returning to Godney Gathering for a second year running  as well as releasing a brand new EP in May, there seems to be no stopping Bristol based electro rockers Cosmic Ninja. Over the past couple of years they have built a solid fan base here in the South West which is no doubt going to rise after Godney! They are one of the most fun, energetic and welcoming bands on the circuit, they also rock some rather cool flashy sunglasses.  

It is your EP launch party soon, how are you feeling about it’s release?

We are really excited and proud of what we have achieved. It’s the best thing we have ever produced. It feels great knowing that we can put a piece of work out there that truly represents us, what we do and what we stand for. We can’t wait to hear the response.

Any tales from you the studio you can share with us?

While we love recording, the studio can pretty dull at times so nothing too juicy I am afraid. We take things seriously so not many shenanigan’s to report to be fair.

What would you say makes this ep different from your other releases?

We have grown a lot as a band and as songwriters. In the first couple of years, we spent a lot of time experimenting, writing whatever went through our minds, very freely. We were exploring what technology can bring to music, how to write and program on computers, how to express those ideas as a live band. We now feel like all that is starting to pay off. We are able to focus on shaping our ideas into better crafted songs, little dynamic journeys with a more coherent message, whether it is musically or lyrically. And then you have what a producer like Jayce Lewis and a place like Northstone Studios can bring. Jayce gets us, he cares about everything, and he’s passionate about sound. He’s not afraid to tell you what he thinks which is important too, where maybe you were overthinking, over indulging.

You have a stellar line up for the launch. How did you decide who you wanted?

It’s hard to find artists that fit on the same bill with us. Not a lot of people play the kind of music we do. So it’s great when you meet artists like that while playing around the country. We have shared the bill with Turner at the King Arthur in Glastonbury, and we played a gig in Bridgwater with Stevie & The Masquerades. They were great so their names came up really quickly when we started to think of options. We also like playing with other female fronted bands, it feels natural to us. It is good to be part of the movement towards equality in music.

You are back at Godney Gathering this year, headlining up the 2ndstage. Do you think we can pack out the tent with flashing sunglasses?

We can’t wait for this show and to see some ninjas there would be great! We like to spice things up and get the party vibe going by any means we can. We love our glow in the dark toys and the LED glasses are just a lot of fun, but they sell out quickly! It’s amazing for us because we can spot our fans in the crowd really quickly haha. Playing late and on the 2nd stage, which is covered,  is perfect for us. It will look sick!

What made you want to go back to Godney this year? 

We are grateful to have been asked back and we had no hesitation returning! We had such an amazing time on the Glastonbury FM stage last year and then hanging out at the festival. Singing along to Feeder and soaking up the atmosphere. We met some really cool people that we want to see again too. That part of the UK has been so good to us, we definitely have a fan based growing there so it’s a great opportunity to build on that. After our set last year, the festival manager told us he wanted to see us on the 2nd stage and there was no way we would miss this! When the festival application season started we got in touch straight away, “you remember what you said last year…..?” haha

If people started to riot at Godney because you have run out of the funky glasses, how will you get everyone under control?

The first thing to do is to stay… calm… haha. I have learned this during a first aid course at school a long time ago. First thing: stay calm. The second would be to quickly give away the ones we have on our heads and to play them another song or two to tire them out haha, all while promising that we’d be back in the region really soon with some more.

What in this world would you truly like to eradicate? 

It would be great to eradicate the need for us to carry, set up, and pack down all our equipment when we play! We would appreciate that for sure, we have a lot of stuff!

On a more serious note, intolerance of others is a biggie, a lot of the negative aspects of our society stem from that. A lack of empathy and people living life in a selfish way has done a lot of damage, and is a big cause of a lot the problems in our country and elsewhere too. So many things unfortunately.



What are you most proud of achieving as a band? 

The EP is a great achievement, and the way we have been able to mix genres into something that people have enjoyed. We try to make a product that is different to the rest, and hopefully succeeding in coming up with something a bit more unorthodox! Headlining the 2nd Stage at Godney is something we are really pumped about as well, that will be one of our biggest shows.

If Bristol decided to award you guys with a statue for dedication to music, what do you think it will look like? And would it glow in the dark? 

Now that is a brilliant idea! It would be cool if it was something interactive. It would glow in a certain colour because of a passer by or something. I think it would be a little glitchy, a bit abstract. Anything dynamic in shape or form would be great. I think it should definitely play music and have strobe lights built in too, it can be a beacon for people to party around in true Cosmic Ninja style!

If you had to describe your music to the new colony on Mars, how would you describe it? 

Same way we describe it here cause it’s already alien to most ha! We’ve got that cosmic connection, and the perfect soundtrack for a road trip across space!

If Netflix came to you and said, ‘We have a budget to make a ‘Cosmic Ninja the Musical’, what do you think it would be about? Who would you get to play your characters? 

“Great, can we use it to record an album instead?” Ha

I think it would tell the story of being raised by wolves, coming out of the mud, discovered love through the band, and becoming a  functioning members of society. I can’t really see any of us going through a rockstar period, with drugs and somebody needing an intervention or anything like that. We’ve still got plenty of time though so let’s see!

What is next for Cosmic Ninja once the EP is out there?

On to the next one. We are already trying to figure out when we could go back in the studio. We have been focusing on writing new material all winter so we’re getting close. Well excited about the new songs, which we will be performing live soon!

And lastly . . . Top 5 quotes you want to see on placards at your EP launch? 

How about some insults? That would be amusing, nothing to personal though!

Maybe some bits from our songs?

“Reach out for your basic right”

“Yeah right! Yeah right!”

“We Got Up! We Got Up!”

Movie quotes?… something from Forrest Gump “and that’s all I have to say about that”. 


Ep Launch – May 10th

Godney Gathering – July 20th 



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