Interview: Connor C

Heading back to Godney this Summer is local DJ Connor C but this time he will be closing the Silent Disco. It is a well deserved slot for someone who has been working incredibly hard to hone his craft and get his name out there. You will be able to see him do his thang (yes I said thang) at various events over the year but the most important one is of course Godney Gathering … I caught up with Connor after the announcement … read what he has to say about it. 
Welcome to the headline slot Connor! How are you feeling about it? What it is like knowing you will be the top dog in the silent disco?
When I first found out that I was the headliner for the Silent Disco at Godney Gathering I was really gassed about this which I still am right now! It feels like all the hard work I have been putting in over the 2 and a bit years and all the competitions that I have won is all coming together nicely now. 

This isn’t your first time at Godney. What will you being bringing to the table this year which will be different than previous years? 
This will be my 3rd year performing at the Godney Gathering festival and I aim to bring a whole new show this year to make it that 100% better! I am going to be bringing down some guest mc’s to host my set for me also! 
Tell us more about Officer Picklestein?
Officer Picklestein was a tune I made about a month ago and it was just my ideas that I had for a song so I put it all down to one.

Are you working on any other music right now?
I am working on recording some new mixes for the Godney Promo CD 3 and some more competition entries. Producing my own beats I am sat on loads of new material that i cant wait to show everyone.

Whenever you have a block musically, what do you do?
When I have been musically blocked in the future I normally go and listen to other artists work and try and build ideas from what they have created.

There is a lot going on in the world right now. If you were in charge what would you do?
There is a lot of stuff going on in the world right now so this is a very hard one for myself haha ermm if I was in charge right now I would get everyone down the local pub for a cheeky pint and watch the football.

When you were writing believe, what was going through your mind?
When I wrote my track I Believe I was just writing what was coming from the heart. Its been a really long time since I have ever wrote anything else to be honest. I am pretty sure that was the last song I ever wrote to.

What would you say you learnt from last year that you’ll be using this year?
I learnt from last year to keep pushing myself with being a DJ and entering loads more competitions. I have lost a few competitions before but I always keep going! I will be bringing that tip with me through to this year.

What are your other plans for 2019?
My other plans for this year are to keep grinding out on the producing and get better I hope. Keep playing out to other sets and stuff and try and build a better following and fan base. 

and lastly … most importantly … top 5 songs of the past year.
The most hardest question to last I see. My top 5 best songs from 2018 was 
1. Ego Trippin – All City ( Low Down Deep Records )
2. Dominator – Champion Riddim ( Low Down Deep Records ) 
3. Basstripper – Life Forms ( Dub Shotta )
4. Serum Ft Mc Spyda – All Ganja Man ( Basslayers Recordings ) 
5. Unglued – If We Ever Bootleg ( Hospital Records )
Tickets are available for Godney Gathering by clicking here! 

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