INTERVIEW: Broken Bones Matilda


With only a month now until Farm Fest returns to Bruton I felt it was important to catch up with one of my favourite discoveries of this year’s line up . . . Broken Bones Matilda. With the kind of vocals that seduce you from the very first word, lyrics which resonate like poetry and I am not even going to start on the musical accompaniment as I shall be here all day, they are nothing short of captivating. I can’t wait to catch them live! 

It seems like you have a busy summer coming up. How are the preparations coming along?

Hello! Yes we are really busy with festivals this year which is great. We’ve already had some amazing shows and are looking forward to the rest of summer!

You will be heading to Farm Festival in Bruton. What is it about this festival that made you want to play there? 

We’re a local band born and bred in the west country and have seen the Farm Fest posters up around town over the years. We’ve always been intrigued as to what it’s like as a festival, it seems like a nice chilled out community of people so we were thrilled to be asked to take part this year. A lot of our friends have performances over the weekend too which is nice.

Will you get to enjoy any of the other activities happening over the weekend? 

We hope so. Although we are playing Carfest the following day at midday up north, hopefully there will be time to catch a couple of bands and sink a few ciders 😉

Why do you think events like this are important to the music industry?

Festivals like Farmfest are a wonderful opportunity for Artists to put themselves out there, however big or small. As a punter or Industry professional you’ll always come away with a handful of bands you like that you didn’t know much (if anything) about before. Stage hopping and taking a chance on something is what it’s all about, you never know what you might find.

Do you approach sets differently when it is a festival rather than your own show?

Sometimes. Usually the backbone of the set will be the same but you have to know your audience and some are livelier than others. A 2pm slot in the sun will be different to 11pm when everyone has had a few drinks so we tend to up the ante a bit when night falls!

What was it like for you working with Matt Lawrence? 

Really great he’s a lovely guy! We were lucky enough to have him on board as an engineer for our two most recent projects. Our latest EP was recorded by him completely live in one day and having someone so professional on board made everything run very smoothly. Plus he’s a good laugh in the studio!


If you could choose any tv show or film to have your music as a soundtrack on which would it be? 

Any Tarantino film

If you only had one song you could give to someone to describe the band, which one would it be? 

Molly (Find it on our latest EP)

Where do you like to go if you are in need of inspiration? 


Once the festival season is over, what are your plans?

We are going straight out on tour at the beginning of October for 2 weeks and following that we are going to get into the studio to record our debut album. Then we will put our feet up for Christmas! 

What advice would you give to young people who are unsure about learning their first instrument and just going for it?

The sooner you do it the quicker you’ll get good at it! And it’s much harder to learn when you’re older.

Top 5 touring essentials? 




Gaffa Tape

Milk Chocolate Hobnobs


Tickets for Farm Fest are available by clicking here.


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